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Apex Legends Season 9 Trailer Teases New Arenas Mode

Apex Legends Season 7
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Apex Legends Season 9 Updates: Fans of Apex Legends have been going crazy ever since the second trailer for its season 9 dropped, teasing the audience with a new Arenas mode, which is touted as going “beyond the core battle royale” experience.

While the first season 9 trailer, which premiered earlier this week presented a new playable character, Valkyrie, this new trailer has surpassed all expectations.

Apex Legends Season 9: What to expect?

Respawn, in an attempt to please Titanfall  fans, has added a lot of universe loe content in the new season of Apex Legends, titled Legacy. Valkyrie, the newest Legend to join the team with Apex Games, is the daughter of an infamous Pilot Viper who was, as fans might recall, an antagonist in Titanfall 2.

The daughter seems to be no less as she has already built a mechanized suit out of the remnants of a heavily modified Titan of the Northstar class, which allows her to soar the skies and destroy enemies by bringing down a rain of rockets.

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This also comes quite close to fulfilling the fans’ wishes who wanted Titanfall’s Titans being added to the game.

The launch of the cinematic trailer for the newest season of Apex Legends is simply called Legacy. Respawn has decided to drop the numbering system with their newest release. This means that fans can expect a big change with the game moving slightly away from being a purely battle royale game.

The much awaited new season also comes with a new gameplay mode known as the Arenas, which is apparently operated by Titanfall 2’s Ash. According to his lore, Arenas is built along the lines of underground death matches, hinting that fans can expect it to make their way in Apex Games.

With the introduction of Valkyrie and a new gameplay mode, Legacy seems to be filled with never-seen-before content. In addition to these, a new character named Pariah has also been leaked ahead of the release.

Judging by the trailer, we also expect the game to involve smaller arenas made out of existing maps and the gameplay mostly revolving around classic deathmatch mechanics. If that is the case, Respawn might be returning to its original roots of Titanfall.

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