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First Person Shooter – Best Bosses Games and Other Details

First Person Shooter
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First Person Shooter Updates: Boss fights are generally a roadblock in FPS games, but that’s not every time. In this article you will get to know about the best boss battles in First person shooters.

The boss battle has been a important feature of video games for a long time such as Contra, Double Dragon etc. Since then, many games have developed a reputation in challenging ways to test whether a player can face the boss and to redeem the character they have picked up throughout the game. Some bosses are easy to defeat and don’t provide much of a challenge to the player.

However, not all FPS boss battles have to be bad and to tackle this problem some developers have taken into account what other games have done regarding their boss battles with creativity and uncovering some points.

Others are enjoyable for their environment and experience, even if the solution is a simple like “shoot at its head or its core” Here are some of the best and most memorable boss fights in first-person shooter history.

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First Person Shooter
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Tank in Left 4 Dead

One of the biggest threats in this Valve’s masterpiece series of cooperative zombie shooters, the Tank is named for its unique ability to take a tremendous amount of damage from the player.

The tank is incredibly strong and able to throw objects with about certain accuracy. To defeat this boss the players would have to work as a team and a lone wolf won’t survive the wrath of this monster. Maybe, three tanks would provide a challenge a better challenge.

Icon of Sin in Doom Eternal

After much wait the final boss of Doom II has returned in this explosively violent sequel Doom Eternals. It has a massive upgrade in size and menace. The fact that it has eight body parts and them all must be equally destroyed in phases.

It test player speed and skill of a player, as the Icon of Sin moves much more quickly than his size. The only way to defeat this boss is to shoot it from far away.

Scarab in Halo 3

Scarab tanks were first seen in Halo 2 and only one was fought by our favorite protagonist Master Chief. The Chief can work with the Arbiter to shoot at its joints with explosives, or player can lure it to elevated platform to board it. It’s unlike Halo 2, shooting weak point and causing a satisfying explosion.

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