Queen of the South Season 5: Teresa’s secret plan for Dumas ‘exposed’

Queen of the South Season 5 Updates: Queen Of The South, an American crime drama television series, is back for its fifth and final season. After this week’s shocking chapter, fans were furious following Teresa’s appalling decision to turn in one of her closest allies. But the new teaser trailer for next week’s episode suggests that they could have a backup plan.


Teresa (Alice Braga) has lost the faith of some of her closest friends after her questionable actions in the latest episode. The team is turning against her. But the rising crime lord could have a secret weapon when the series returns next week.

Teresa was forced to lay the responsibility for the death of Judge Lafayette (David Andrews) on someone else. This was Due to a careless move from Boaz Jiminez (Joseph T Campos). Unluckily, Marcel Dumas (Alimi Ballard), who is one of Queenpin’s most trusted guys in New Orleans, took the heat.

With Dumas in prison and the erratic Boaz still a liability, the remaining team is starting to question their loyalty. James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) started to wonder if he made the right decision in coming back. This is one of the most heartrending moments of the series so far.

Queen of the South season 5 Promo

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As the suspense continues to rise, viewers saw the exhilarating promo for the next episode, ‘La Situacion’. The teaser trailer gives a hint that Dumas may still be able to engage in a deal with Teresa from behind the bars despite being thrown under the bus for the judge’s decapitation. The new promo hints that Teresa and Dumas have already started plans to go into business together.

The viewers have flooded the comment section of the new clip with different theories. Many fans are shocked that Teresa would let Dumas take the fall without having another plan up her sleeve to eventually break him out. The viewers also sounded off at the drug dealer’s reprehensible move in the previous episode.

Still they believe that it is not over for Dumas yet. Some theories suggest that Teresa and Dumas had already discussed the next plan when Boaz went on a rampage to take down the judge.

Alternately, Dumas may be about to offer Teresa a tempting deal that will convince her to bail him out, or at least continue their partnership from behind bars. The plot always gets twisted with this show, and this is what keeps the fans engaged.

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