Cyberpunk 2077 Leak May Reveal Huge Upcoming Update

Cyberpunk 2077 Updates: There is a new news in all the air about a new Cyber Punk 2077 may have leaked or revealed a huge upcoming update that is possibly add back to the content which was removed from the game earlier further ahead of launch.

In an increasingly prominent Cyber Punk 2077 which has revealed that there would be a epic inspector which will be using a custom tool to access all the developer tools for the epic game store which they have come across in an interesting tidbits of pertaining to the CD Projekt Red Game.

As per the sources ,the leaker has something called a content1 under the version of cyberpunk 2007 seven category in an epic game store ,they could have believed that it would bring back some of the content which was earlier cut from the game.

But the legal have notice that the epic extract has an update will be available on June of 10, this Content is very far away from the previous content.

Cyberpunk 2077 Huge Upcoming Update

It is also revealed by the leaker that all the DLC have been delegated to the server capacity limit that will be providing our of estimate of how big the DLC is. To bring it in on end, DLC has been allotted with 20GB while some of the other DLC has 30 GB.

Unluckily this is more or never the less where the details have ended but also it has been noted that the anticipation of game may make a big comeback during the times of Q3, by this summer will stop.

After accompanying all the fairly convincing evidence it does not make a change in the fact that everything has been unofficially and speculative. Sometimes the implication indicate that there is something fishy while other hand it looks everything has gained a salt to make a moment of publishing for CD projekt red has not commented on this further reports.

As per the report of resources we will be updating a story accordingly.

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