Rick & Morty Season 5 Trailer Reveals Brings Back An Early Season Mainstay

Rick & Morty Season 5 Updates: The first trailer for Rick & Morty Season 5 shows that the series will return to one of its earlier seasons’ mainstays: horror movie spoofs.

Rick & Morty is an Adult Swim autocratic animated series that satirizes sci-fi themes as well as sitcom traditions in the wild, gruesome exploits of the eponymous amoral super-genius and his likable, dim-witted grandson.

Rick & Morty has evolved from a madcap, mile-a-minute sci-fi parody that parodied Jurassic Park and Fantastic Voyage in one twenty-minute (Christmas) episode into a more insightful, but no less crude, character comedy over the course of four seasons.

Seasons 3 and 4 of Rick & Morty also attempted to deliver a more persona style of humor, with the series’ later installments dedicating more camera time to the Smith family’s interpersonal lifestyles, despite remaining zany and surreal.

About the fact that fans of Rick & Morty already enjoy seasons 3 and 4, the season 5 trailer guarantees the arrival of the show’s classic horror parodies, a revelation that would please fans of the show’s lighter side.

In its more anarchic and less persona style of comedy, Rick & Morty’s first season parodied a number of ’80s horror staples, dedicating entire episodes to parodying Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street with Scary Terry, David Cronenberg’s body horror hits, and Stephen King’s Needful Things.

Rick & Morty Season 5 Trailer

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Rick & Morty’s Hellraiser parodies, which were heavily depicted in the season 5 trailer, signal a comeback to this region, which is good news because Rick & Morty is one of the only series gruesome enough to successfully parody these gory franchises but still being light-hearted enough to make the parodies humorous rather than needlessly grim.

In contrast to Rick & Morty season 1, which featured regular horror parodies, the show’s second season featured fewer spoofs, with the resulting spoofs focusing on more modern works such as the 1990s series The Langoliers and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as well as the Purge series.

Season 3’s horror parodies consisted mostly of an Attack On Titan parody, notwithstanding the fact that the show is far from horror. Season 4 contained an underappreciated Prometheus parody, but the season was mostly based on more optimistic, frequently touching stories like “The Vat of Acid Episode,” “The Old Man And The Seat,” and the season finale “Start Mort: The Rickturn of the Jedi.”

Season 5 of Rick & Morty will ideally strike the right balance between the sillier, gorier spoofs of previous seasons and the more intense character-driven plots of seasons 3 and 4, as shown by the trailer’s promised Hellraiser spoof.

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