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Titans Season 3 Starts Off With A Photo Teaser

Titans Season 3

A new picture from the set of Titans season 3 has been posted, hinting at the titular group’s come back to Gotham City. The series premiered on the DC Universe subscription service in 2018 and is centered on the same-named comic book squad.

The season, which promised a gritty tone, tracked Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) as he battled inner demons fueled by his work with Batman (Iain Glen). He was pulled into a battle with the Cult of Triton across the route, and he gathered a squad that involved Rachel Roth aka Raven (Teagan Croft), Gar Logan aka Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), and Kory Anders aka Starfire (Anna Diop).

Season 2 of the Titans saw a significant change in the squad’s background Hawk (Alan Ritchson), Donna Troy (Conor Leslie), and Dove (Minka Kelly) were given more important roles after being retconned as having originally arisen.

Titans Season 3 Starts Off With A Photo Teaser

Titans Season 3
Image Source: Pinterest

Jason Todd (Curran Walters), Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang), and Conner Smith (Curran Walters) were among the entrants (Joshua Orpin). Titans were considered too chaotic and in pursuit of offshoots as a response. Despite this, the series was a hit, and Titans season 3 was quickly ordered. Filming has been ongoing since October 2020, despite a setback triggered by the Covid-19 disease outbreak.

The Recent Instagram Picture

A new photo from the set has surfaced, thanks to Walters’ Instagram post. Titans told a tale that traveled throughout the United States in its first two seasons, sometimes flouting rationality and even science. That being said, it has been reported that the Titans will be based in Gotham City for Season 3.

Although since a slew of set pictures have teased the team’s alarming destinations. In the most recent episode, it was announced that the action will spread to the suburbs of Gotham. Despite being captured in bright daytime the photograph conveyed a feeling of deterioration in the city. It piqued people’s interests as to what (potentially dramatic) incidents could occur just beyond the city’s borders.

The transition to Gotham, on the other hand, has set up some aspects that get fans intrigued. To begin with, it was announced that classic Bat-villains such as Scarecrow will make an appearance. With Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) now elevated to a regular, the squad will be faced with a plethora of challenges.

Thankfully, in the third season, the Titans will be replaced by even more new partners Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch) and Tim Drake is among those who have been identified (Jay Lycurgo).

Even so, this further adds to the impression that Titans is too focused on adding new characters, even at the cost of fulfilling existing ones. With the shooting set to wrap in June, viewers will be able to see how it fits out when Titans season 3 premieres later this year on HBO Max, the show’s new home.