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Titans Season 3: How Batman will change the season 3?

Titans Season 3
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Titans Season 3 Updates: Batman’s story Batman will be similar to the mouth-watering-looking dish without salt and spices in it. Titans are working so hard to create a Batman-less Batman story into its Teen Titans narrative, it hasn’t elected to tell that story without Bruce Wayne.

The third season is set in Gotham City with the adapted variation of the Batman story, A Death in the Family. In this variation we might see Bruce Wayne in few actions scenes, hope they will be the enjoyable scenes in the series.

Bruce Wayne’s role is mostly played by mid-aged actors, but for a change, it will be played by a much elder person who is 60 years old i.e., Iain Glen who is in fact the eldest playing this role. Before Glen taking up this role Batman is played by stuntman Alan Moussi and Max Savaria in the first season whose faces are hidden.

Titans Season 3 Hidden storylines

Titans Season 3

There are a lot of things that Titan hasn’t revealed yet about bringing a similar Batman story into their latest season of the series. We can also say that batman’s character is shown very similarly, Titans does have a Batsuit, which mostly appears in a nightmare alternate reality where Dick Grayson is tormented with a vision of a Batman turned murderous.

Unlike Batman, who is a cool, quick thinker and an action taker, The Bruce of Titans isn’t actually cool. He barely seems to have any good ideas, and if Titans are thinking of showing the character very similar even at the points where he works with the Justice League, they’d probably all think he was a deluded zealot.

In lump sum, it will be really exciting to see Bruce in a new way. Titans have been playing with their characters a lot for a short period of time. There is a lot of risk in it, the Titan fans might get upset at the essence of the old character is been lost in every series.

There is a lot of excitement as well as a bit of fear among all the views and the fans. There are chances that the series might not get many good reviews but surely fans are desperately waiting for the release of the series. The twisted plot points and the way the makers have played with the characters will make it an eyecatcher series for everyone.