Boruto: Naruto and Kawaki Form a Special Bond in New Boruto Episode

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Boruto Updates: With the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto Uzumaki and Kawaki have developed a special relationship. The anime’s initial Vessel arc has come to a close, with the previous episode delving into Kawaki’s history in-depth, and the series’ newest episode has finally begun the anime’s iteration of the Kawaki arc in its entirety.

The first big change in the status quo for this arc sees Naruto fulfill his pledge to Kawaki by taking him in and checking up on him while he resides with the remainder of the Uzumaki family.

Naruto and Kawaki get closer in episode 193 of the series when Naruto makes it a point to hold an eye on him while protecting him from Kara’s interests.

Shikamaru had cautioned Naruto against making this pass, but he agrees to go through with it since Kawaki reminds him too much of his previous dilemma of being burdened with a force he didn’t want.

Boruto: Naruto and Kawaki Bond Revealed

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Naruto publicly announces himself to Kawaki and informs him that he will be taken under his wing when he wakes up following his failed escape in previous episodes. Kawaki immediately refuses and even attempts to flee, but Naruto is still there to catch him.

He starts to see himself in the youthful Kawaki, as the Third Hokage once gave him a chance when he was little, and he hopes to do so for Kawaki. Naruto expects that by taking Kawaki into his family, he will be able to form a closer relationship with him in the future.

Naruto knows Kawaki’s plight of being enslaved by a force he can’t influence and that is totally against his will, and there’s a feeling that he tries to help Kawaki as much as he was supported years earlier. Any of Kawaki’s rougher edges are already smoothing out, so there’s no knowing how soon he’ll improve.

It will be interesting to see where this little bond leads the plot to and how the storyline is followed.