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My Hero Academia Explains Hawks’ Secret Mission.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Update: After a long wait My Hero Academia is moving along with its season five, and the show has very much high expectations from fans. If you do not know the series is showing out for the anime this spring thanks to their favorite heroes, and Hawks has joined the list. Still, the cliffhanger made for fans to second guess the hero after the season five premiere, but an update is meeting these fans breathe a sigh of relief.

Hawks are not doing as we thought he would. The pro hero hasn’t become a villain, but it seems that he is doing his way best to blend with the gang to make it appear so.

My Hero Academia Explains Hawks’Secret Mission.

My Hero Academia

There was a big reveal in episode 90 of My Hero Academia special thanks to a series of flashbacks. All the thing started from when Hawks and Dabi met with each other after High-End was taken out. It was discussed there the danger of the Nomu while Hawks tells that he wanted to help the league of villains out.  Hawks were up to the mission from Hero Safety Commission for a special reason.

The plan of the organization is they want Hawks to join the group Intel on the League of villains, and it has become desperate. The groups have become very dangerous, and the Hero Safety Commission has no other way to counteract Shigaraki.

The only way they have is that Hawks can join the team, he can basically learn more about the Nomu as well as the upcoming missions of intel. But with Dabi watching Hawks like a good hawk, you can now see why this mission is going really slow.

So now what do you think about this My Hero Academia mission reveal? What do you think is Hawks the best hero to do this job? Do let us know your thoughts in our comment section you can also check out our website for more about animation information and more cool stuff.