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Rainbow Six Parasite Gameplay Footage Leaked

Rainbow Six Parasite

Rainbow Six Parasite Updates: A new video showcasing Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay has leaked online, showcasing moment-to-moment action which looks almost like Siege.

Even more Rainbow Six Parasite footage has leaked online, giving a good further idea of how the Rainbow Six Siege spin-off will play. Up so far, Ubisoft has been keeping a decent lid on the upcoming horror shooter despite revealing it almost two years ago.

Rainbow Six Parasite is predicted to be detailed properly soon, but so far, the leaked gameplay should set the bar for what to expect out of the new game.

Rainbow Six Parasite isn’t the official name of the upcoming game, but the is what Ubisoft is looking at internally at the instant. The developer had previously announced a sport like Rainbow Six Quarantine but decided to rename it following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although details of the premise are scarce, an alien threat has conquered the earth and an elite of operators from Rainbow Six Siege must save the day.

That’s all Ubisoft has really offered up so far, but the new gameplay gives fans thought of how it plays. The single-life competitive PVP shooter has been reworked into something more like its casual terrorist hunt mode, but with various objectives.

Rainbow Six Parasite Leaks

Rainbow Six Parasite
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Players already got a taste when an hour of Rainbow Six Parasite footage leaked a few weeks ago, but this footage from DBL Online offers another check-out of the sport. The gunplay in Rainbow Six Parasite remains an equivalent as Siege, many gadgets return, but there are creepy aliens replacing standard men with guns.

It also seems like there are eggs around the map for players to shoot, likely to limit enemies from overwhelming the player. Whether or not there’s any PVP element to RSP is unclear, but this gameplay video looks to be against AI enemies.

Overall, it doesn’t look to be too impressive for a standalone game.

Perhaps Rainbow Six Parasite is way better suited as an expansion than a full-blown game, as it’s really not building off of the gameplay of Siege in any meaningful way beyond adding aliens.

Given RSP releases in 2021, hopefully, Ubisoft can demo it and showcase it properly. It’s entirely possible this short leak really only scratches the surface of what it’s to supply, but who knows.

The fact Ubisoft announced the new Rainbow Six goodbye ago, delayed it, and still has yet to supply any substantial details or gameplay may be a bit concerning. Regardless, the developer seems committed to creating sure it is a solid game and Rainbow Six Siege still stands tall among this generation of shooters. Hopefully, RSP can do an equivalent.

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