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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Sharpen Your Weapon (& Why It Matters)

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Updates: Defending the village of Kamura from monsters is no easy task. To kill these powerful enemies, the hunter’s sword must be as sharp as his creativity.

The ultra-modern attempt from Capcom, Monster Hunter Rise, has already taken the Switch’s set up a base via way of means of the storm with stellar income early on.

The rise has now no longer most effective appeased old-school Monster Hunter fanatics but proved delightfully on hand for inexperienced persons alike.

For newcomers, the sport keeps the mild educational machine that made Monster Hunter World greater without difficulty picked up through newcomers, however, there are nevertheless some mechanics that may be confusing.

One mechanic, Sharpening, won’t be right now obvious to game enthusiasts used to Capcom’s greater action-heavy affairs.

Monster Hunter Rise Other Information:

Monster Hunter Rise

Sharpness has been a mechanic for melee guns for the reason that the original Monster Hunter graced the PlayStation in 2004. If it sounds straight-forward…well, that’s as it is. Your edged guns have an inherent Sharpness trait to them, and Sharpness will steadily go to pot as you strike a monster.

All melee guns are laid low with Sharpness, even though a few lose Sharpness in extraordinary ways — the Gunlance, for example, will nevertheless lose Sharpness in the course of Shelling assaults and at a quicker price than it’d in the course of a strike.

Sharpness has tiers, break up into 3 ranges indicated with the aid of using the sword-fashioned Sharpness meter to your HUD. Low-Level Sharpness includes the Red, Orange, and Yellow tiers, even as High-Level Sharpness includes Green, Blue, and White, which now no longer all guns can achieve.

Weapons at Yellow Sharpness will deal base harm, even as Red and Orange are decreased with the aid of using .50 and .75, respectively. Green, Blue, and White will see harm elevated with the aid of using 1.05, 1.20, and 1.32 each. Some entries consist of a unique Purple multiplier, growing Sharpness among 1.37 to 1.50 relying on the game.

As you strike, every blow will lessen your Sharpness via way of means of Sharpness Points; however, the precise factors aren’t indicated on-screen, simplest the gauge.

For example, any ordinary assault that hits will lessen your Sharpness via way of means of 1, however, bouncing off will lessen it via way of means of 2. It’s time to get returned in the hunt via way of means of polishing your weapon!

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