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Jujutsu Kaisen Debuts Drastic New Look For Maki

Jujutsu Kaisen
Comic Book

Jujutsu Kaisen Updates: A drastic new look debut for Maki Zenin of jujutsu Kaisen with its new chapter! The original manga series of Gege Akutami’s has been started into a brand new arc, as the previous one the series continues dealing with the impact of the status quo Shibuya incident.

Yuji is searching out that who such a big fight safely, the fans of jujutsu Kaisen is looking for the characters who we saw in rough places in the previous series they were involved in. Maki is also involved with them, the Maki was seen lastly in fire straits.

Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushigoro, Choso, and Yuta Okkotsu all unite like a team with their preparation plans before the start of the Culling Game, we also see a drastic new look, Maki.

She had been completely immolated due to Jogo’s volcanic fire abilities compare to when we saw her last time which seems to be reflected in her deep burn scars and bandages.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Makis New Look

Jujutsu Kaisen
Comic Book

According to chapter 111 of the series, JoJo’s attack on Maki his speed was too much from Maki and Kento Nanami. But unfortunately, Nanami didn’t make it out of the fight, Maki has survived.

In chapter 144, Tsukumo tells that the key role that makes Maki alive was Maki’s Heavenly Restriction. Yuta was trying to heal the injuries of Maki but it became reverse cursed technique, because of her scars, and Yuta’s technique is not that much power to heal those injuries.

The drastic physical strength of Maki helps her tolerate the curse and that only allows her to fight. Maki only told that she is not going anywhere at this point in time. Through she wants to rise on the top with her own power to spite her rest of the family.

According to Jujutsu, Kaisen has confirmed there will be another survivor with Maki’s return in the series. Now just some characters are left to forward the flux. Are you excited to see maki’s new look? What do you think would be the Maki’s new looks Let us know your all answers in our comment section.

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