One Piece Cliffhanger: New Battle For Fluffy Launched

One Piece
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One Piece Updates: The Straw Hat Pirates, Vassals of Oden, Beast Pirates, and survivors of the Worst Generation are all jammed up to determine the destiny of the isolated country in One Piece’s “Battle For Wano,” which has a lot of moving parts.

With Zoro and some other members of the Worst Generation joining Luffy in a battle against Kaido and Big Mom, who have created an unbreakable bond in position to obtain over the planet, it appears that the would-be king of the pirates is in for one of the most vicious battles of his gunslinging tenure.

Fans of the long-running Shonen series will enjoy this new episode, which not only gives Luffy and his fellow survivors of the Worst Generation a fight that makes them believe they are “in hell itself,” but also has lots of mysteries.

One Piece: The Battle of Fluffy

One Piece
Comic Book

Kanjuro unveiled a doppelganger on his mates who operate under the label of “Vassals of Oden” earlier in the chapter, revealing that Oden’s resurrection from the dead was a ruse. Regarding this fight, we see the appearance of the Shogun, Orochi, who was seemingly not killed by Kaido simply put.

With Kaido displaying what seems to be his true section, which combines his human figure with his dragon form given to him by the Devil Fruit he ate and walking beside Big Mom, it seems that Luffy and his companions are in for a battle to remember.

Fortunately for the Wano Rebellion, the players who intend to liberate the unstable region and follow in the footsteps of Kozuki Oden have put in a lot of time and commitment in preparation for this battle.

Monkey and Zoro were able to administer blows that seemed to make viewers believing that this fight was in the bag during the fights among the sinister Tag Team and Luffy’s squad, but it’s obvious that Big Mom and Kaido are on a whole other stage.

This is without a doubt the most important war of the Wano Arc, as it will decide the destiny of the Grand Line’s universe.

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