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Godzilla vs Kong Poster Shows Colorful Titan Clash

Godzilla vs. Kong
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Godzilla vs Kong Update: The Titans are about to war. Another new Godzilla vs. Kong poster has been released. One of the most awaited films in 2021 has only been released in North America for 15 days. Legendary and Warner Bros. have encouraged marketing since the debut of the trailer in late January. Several posters, including a Chinese one showing the battle between characters underwater, have been released.

Before January, when reports came to Godzilla vs. Kong, MonsterVerse fans stayed cold. In addition to banners and leaks of toys, the film’s plot was a mystery. But once promotion has started, trailers and posters have flooded for this movie. When social media is saturated with Godzilla vs. Kong ads, there is so much concern.

If this is or not the case, Legendary is without a doubt fantastic, not only in the fandom, but the whole public has excitement drummed up. A crash with the most famous creatures in the world can be an entertaining watch and all suggest that Hollywood has ever seen one of its best shows.

Godzilla vs. Kong Update

Godzilla vs. Kong

In the last two months, all Godzilla vs. Kong posters has been posted in North America, China, and Korea. Now the home nation of Godzilla has entered the Japanese Godzilla vs Kong poster.

The Japanese poster might in some respects have been the most striking. The monsters look to the bright background of the city. This is also the first poster to display the cast of people. Suitably, the post on Twitter refers to “The most exciting war in film history is now starting.” Unfortunately, after March, Japan will have Godzilla vs. Kong. The film is to be released on 14 May in Japanese theatres.

In every film of Godzilla, a remarkable town has been destroyed by kaiju in MonsterVerse. During the reptile fight against the MUTOs in 2014, San Fransisco was killed. Boston was the unlucky beneficiary of the Godzilla duel with King Ghidorah, in Godzilla: King of Monsters.

The two beasts will battle neon-lighted Hong Kong in Godzilla vs. Kong. Though sad for the characters from all over the world, it’s a pleasure for filmmakers watching the Titans collision as buildings break apart. Regardless of the winner, after watching what seems like an incredible contest, the crowd should be the greatest winner.

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