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The Flash: How Harrison Wells’ Power Compares To Barry’s

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The Flash took Harrison Bruns back, but it allowed him time to fly, which is different from that of Barry Allen. By acting as Harrison Wells’ various iterations Tom Cavanagh has played more roles than any other actor in The CW’s DC TV franchise. While it seemed as if Nash Wells was the end of this tool, the authors drew the unlike turn. And if all the Multiverse Wells were merged into the Artificial Speed Force, the original Reverse Flash-killed Harrison Wells was revived.

When he comes to Barry Allen, Harrison Wells explains that all but 0.01% of the wells within Nash have been sent into the sphere that drives the current Speed Force. By the cosmic will of the cosmos, the only 0,01 percent particles that have survived in the whole multiverse expressed themselves in the re-creativeness of the first Harrison wells. But although Harrison’s resurrection was founded on the iteration Earth-1, he somehow greeted him with the ability to fly on time.

The Flash: How Harrison Wells’ Power Compares To Barry’s

When The Flash pulled him from the dead, he was restored with a mysterious visual component. Harrison Wells appears to be in a position to transform his body into something green, as he showed Barry when they saw him for the first time. Harrison Wells has somehow had the ability to see his history, present, and future simultaneously by not being a normal metahuman.

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He already knows he will survive until he’s 92, which underlines how far his current capacity goes. Harrison Wells also points out that he knows how romance works between Cisco Ramon and Kamilla Hwang. This is a certain sense makes him omniscient, which varies from Flash’s time-traveling capability.

Harrison has decided to live with his partner, Tess, for 4 years until her death, but what is the difference between his time travel ability and Flash? First of all, Harrison seems to have had little potential at all from the Speed Force. Whenever Barry goes back or forward, he must still tap into the Speed Force.

It’s much more particular for Harrison, for he can put himself just after his birth and death at any moment. In the case of Barry (and other speedsters), they are freer where they can go in the past and the future, but they need to draw on the cosmic strength of the Speed Force and they need physical time.

About the fact that Harrison has a very small time travel force, he does not have to work himself as hard on time as Barry does. What Harrison has to do is dissolve his body into the green energies seen so far. This is a modern time journey for The Flash and the broader Arrowverse that also includes alternate directions using the Waveriders and Legion Rings. Although what Harrison Wells green energy is supposed to reflect has not been clarified, it will be associated with the potential tingling of DC’s Seven Forces idea that would come to The Flash.