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How Godzilla vs. Kong Can Make Mechagodzilla A Real Titan

Godzilla vs. Kong
Screen Rant

Godzilla vs. Kong Updates: Mechagodzilla has a way of being a true Titan in Godzilla vs Kong, Ghidorah’s head. Although Godzilla is not formally announcing his robotic counterpart from Toho’s movies for the MonsterVerse, he is being implied in ads and he has been spoiled by leaks.

In the 1974 Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla, a group of cruel, ape-like aliens plotted as a mechanized kaiju to gain control of the planet and had to beat the robot twice.

He was re-thought later when a force of good and as a tool against Godzilla was set up by mankind. The classic villain from MonsterVerses is not totally straightforward on his roots, although he does seem to be a development of APEX from Godzilla vs. the villains of Kong.

This would be very helpful provided that they are a cybernetic technology firm. APEX could create and launch Mechagodzilla against the two Titans.

It is that it’s just a weapon for some that distinguish Mechagodzilla from creatures such as Godzilla and Kong. He’s usually more like a weapon than his own character because he’s not a living being per claim. With Kiryu, the third inhabitant of the robot, Toho revised his Mechagodzilla recipe in the 2000s.

The monster’s DNA has filled Kiryu with certain memories, giving it a semblance of personality, ever since it was made from a 1954 Godzilla skeleton. Legendary may be motivated by using an existing beast to turn Mechagodzilla into a true Titan, not just a lifeless robot.

Godzilla vs. Kong: Mechagodzilla A Real Titan

Godzilla vs. Kong
Screen Rant

Ghidorah’s last surviving head may be the secret to doing so. The rumors of Godzilla versus Kong about Ghidorah’s last remaining head seemed in the film to be wired up with wires to make a “mechanized beast.”

However, the head is not an indication that Ghidorah is currently reconstructed as a cyborg. Instead, Mechagodzilla may be put to life. The DNA and brain of Mechagodzilla could become a sensitive being and thus a true Titan.

In one way, Ghidorah will exist again by Mechagodzilla, who will become a fusion of Toho’s two largest opponents. The MonsterVerse would be a smart leap because Mechagodzilla would surely become a threatening adversary. Godzilla and Kong will have to combine forces at the end of the movie, and this is important.

This origin would not only grant Mechagodzilla the power to act as an autonomous entity; it may also justify why Godzilla seems to be in the MonsterVerse.

If Godzilla makes sense to man, it could be the true reason why APEX sites are mysteriously lost, and why Godzilla is so aggressive toward mankind. His mission could be to block Ghidorah’s rebirth in Mechagodzilla, and Kong could be a barrier to this in Godzilla vs. Kong unknowingly.