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Super Mario Sunshine Mobile App Released To Help Fans Track Blue Coins

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine Mobile App: Super Mario Sunshine’s blue coins can be tricky to collect. Hence, one fan created a Blue Coin Tracker app that can be used to search for all of the blue coins in the game.

A fan-made app was created to track all of the blue coins from Super Mario Sunshine. Blue coins serve as one of the collectibles in Super Mario Sunshine that is required to complete the game 100% and keeping track of all the coins can be a tedious task.

Blue coins can be found all over Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine. They can be obtained by spraying paint that is in hidden places in the plains with water. They can also be obtained by performing specific tasks and by many other methods scattered around the game.

There are 240 blue coins in total, and one shiny sprite can be obtained for every ten coins collected. Given the number of coins in the game, many players will likely need help keeping track of them all.

Super Mario Sunshine Mobile App: Blue Coins

This is where this app comes in to help out those looking for every blue coin. Reddit user Icy-Cartographer3143 has released an app called Blue Coin Tracker on the Google Play Store that anyone can download. The app has several functions to optimize the reminder.

Super Mario Sunshine
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Process, like a checklist and video series, to show exactly where the specific blue coins are. The app is also ad-free since it was a “labor of love” and can now be downloaded from the Play Store.

Part of the motivation Icy-Cartographer3143 gives for releasing the app is the fact that the game will be pulled off the shelves at the end of the month. Super Mario 3D All-Stars was the first time Super Mario Sunshine restarted outside of the Gamecube.

This, along with Super Mario Bros. 35, will be removed from the eShop after March 31st. Since the anthology is the only way to play Sunshine without an emulator, many Mario fans will likely miss him when he’s gone. But since Super Mario 3D All-Stars became one of the Switch’s top sellers, the limited-edition sales strategy has proven its worth.

Even after the game has been removed from the eShop, players will still be able to access their copies of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. This means that the app will continue to be used after March 31st.

So when players need help collecting all the blue coins. In Super Mario Sunshine, the Blue Coin Tracker will be a boon to many players aiming for 100% completion.

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