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The Flash Season 7: Weapon Makes an Epic Comeback from Season 2

The Flash Season 7
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The Flash Season 7 Updates: With a devoid of emotion Flash on the loose, the team had no choice but to use whatever means necessary to bring him down.

WARNING: The following information about the episode includes main spoilers for The Flash Season 7’s latest episode, “The Speed of Thought.”

Following a catastrophic defeat in the previous episode, The Flash has been resurrected as a fully functional speedster with the assistance of the Artificial Speed Force.

Everything appears to be going well for Barry when he finds a new skill, speed thinking. Unfortunately, the loss of Barry’s feelings is a side effect of this power. Team Flash recognized this as a problem and resolved to stop him by any means possible, even if it meant risking a Season 2 classic, Velocity X.

 The Velocity drug first appeared in Season 2. The drug, just like in the comics, grants the user temporary super-speed. It was invented by Earth-2’s Harrison Wells to aid a disguised Zolomon in his battle with Zoom, and it went through six different modifications before its first successful use.

The Flash Season 7: Have a look at Weapon

The Flash Season 7

Dr. Caitlin Snow invented it, and it went through a few more changes before becoming Velocity 9. It was subsequently robbed and used by Eliza Harmon until she died from an overdose and died.

Finally, in the final season, Cisco Ramon mastered the drug as Velocity X and used it to heal Barry. It was also used to great effect in the most recent episode of The Flash.

The team, comprised of Cisco, Frost, and Allegra, realized they needed to stop Barry and kill the ASF because it lacked an emotional component, leaving Barry solely logical. As the heroes tried and failed to defeat him, Frost is seen injecting herself with Velocity X, resulting in the Arrowverse’s version of Speed Frost.

This thrilling moment was followed by a chase through Central City as Frost experimented with her new powers, combining them in novel ways. Frost threw a freeze/lightning bolt combo into Barry as the Velocity X was operating out of her system, knocking him off his feet long enough even to drag him back to Star Labs.

Cisco referenced the Babel Protocols there. The protocols were made popular by Batman as a means of stopping the Justice League if they ever became evil. The Flash’s protocols were put in place for the first time in Season 4 as a backup plan for matters like this.

While her speed abilities were only temporary, Frost joins an ever-growing list of momentary speeders that includes Iris and Gorilla Grodd. Because Velocity X is holy and the hazards are still present, it is unlikely that the Frost/Flash will appear again. Having said that, it does open up the possibility for others to be able to run at the speed of light.