Batman Begins: Why Bruce Wayne Is In Prison

Batman Begins Updates: Batman Begins spent most of his first act with Bruce Wayne behind bars in jail which are in Bhutan, and that’s why he ended up in that case.

The childhood trauma that helped Bruce to turn into Batman is one of the best-known beginnings of a superhero in the history of the world.

Born into a life of luxury and privilege, Bruce’s sheltered lifestyle was overturned when an armed robber killed both his parents one night during an outing to the cinema. This shattered Bruce, but he also gave him the drive to try to deter things like that from occurring to other good people.

While we all saw that every Batman film makes a kind of insinuation to bruce’s past, or it will show about his past in a flashback, one section of Bruce’s conversion into the Caped Crusader tends to be buffed over in most adaptations.

Bruce can’t just grow up and start kicking ass, he must first practice and become proficient in various martial arts tactics for offensive and defensive use, as well as learn how to beat his enemies mentally when sheer brawn isn’t enough.

Batman Begins Bruce Wayne in prison

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Batman Begins set the trend by spending a great part of his running time looking at Bruce’s transformation from an idealistic and naive young adult to a man who is deserving of the legendary cape and cowl. This requires time spent in a harsh prison system, which proved to be challenging but necessary.

While not clearly stated in the film, it still seems very obvious what happened to Bruce Wayne in prison before Batman Begins. After fleeing Gotham City after his encounter with Carmine Falcone, Bruce begins a life of crime with the intention of discovering what makes the criminals tick and what encourages them to do what they do.

Bruce is captured after being stopped by the police while stealing objects, ironically pieces of hardware owned by Wayne Enterprises. Bruce declines to describe himself, so he appears likely enough to be returned to jail, even without the connection being hammered down.

But for Bruce, being locked up was yet another chance to dig further into the criminal mind and discover more about the internal workings of organized crime.

He’s still hardened by his encounters behind bars, at least until Ra’s al Ghul, posing himself as Henri Ducard, comes to free Bruce and gives him a chance to join the enigmatic League of Shadows. Of course, Bruce did not realize that he had really met a man in his new coach who would later become one of his most formidable enemies.

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