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Why Did The Empire Have To Lead To The First Order, According To Star Wars?

Star Wars

Star Wars Updates: Star Wars has now revealed that Sheev Palpatine’s Empire was destined to emerge as the First Order to be destroyed once more.

Start Wars explains that the Empire was destined to become the First Order. Darth Sidious envisioned himself as Emperor of the Galaxy for all time when he rose to the position.

He worked tirelessly to see that any traces of the Jedi were eliminated from the galaxy, enlisting Darth Vader and his Inquisitors to track down any Order 66 survivors. Meanwhile, he spent a lot of time and effort studying how to defeat death itself, in order to ensure that he will never die.

Victory’s Price, a Star Wars novel by Alexander Freed, reveals the Empire’s pervasive corruption. Palpatine purposefully designed a system in which even ordinary civilians could not survive without being involved in injustice at best, and atrocities at worse.

He had a large portion of Coruscant’s undercity converted into a powerful device that would evaluate any individual’s activities and keep track of their involvement. And this explains why the Empire was so difficult to overcome.

Star Wars: The Empire

Star Wars

Palpatine’s strategy ensured the dark side of the Force’s domination when he built a system in which everyone was compelled to make daily choices based on darkness.

It corresponds to statements made by Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni regarding balance, in which he clarified that all, not only Force-sensitives, must choose between light and darkness.

“The Force is still in a state of balance,” he said. “When someone gives in to their fears and spirals out of control, making selfish choices after selfish choices, the balance is thrown out. Fear breeds rage, rage breeds hatred, and hatred breeds misery.”

Which also suggests that there were far too many citizens that were involved in the Empire’s atrocities, who justified their actions to themselves, and who would find it impossible to acclimatize the New Republic nearly difficult. As a result, the restoration of the Empire – as the First Order – was inevitable.

However, Palpatine had made one big error: there was a century between the fall of the Empire and the advent of the First Order of Return of the Jedi. This ensured that an entire century was born without the Emperor’s overt control, stripped of the dark side’s cloak.

Furthermore, most Imperials were granted amnesties by the New Republic, and it is extremely probable that many learned to lay their pasts behind them. As a result, in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, when the Resistance sent a mayday, the whole galaxy responded.

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