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Rebel Wilson Reportedly Broke Up With Jacob Busch Over Text: He Was‘Blindsided’

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson: Jacob Busch, 29, feels blindsided and, after his split with Rebel Wilson, 40, a source told Us Weekly, is at a loss for words right now.

He tries to soak it in. He still believed she was going to be his lifemate, added the insider, and the heir of the Anheuser-Busch brewing company is still searching for total closure on why she wanted to break up with him, to begin with, he allegedly did it over text during the Pitch Perfect star.

According to another insider, the simulated split occurred just after the holidays. Then he left for his family in Florida, and he invited her because he always wanted her to visit [them], but a second source told Us Weekly she never dedicated herself to doing so.

Throughout the holidays, they talked and had great contact, but then, all of a sudden, she got very quiet and broke up with him about two to three weeks ago by text message.

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Rebel Wilson

Although Jacob has no ill-will against the actress, the second source said, Jacob, is still very unhappy about the breakup and finds the whole experience really hurtful.

The insider clarified that Jacob did not see this romance as a fast fling; he had been crazy about her since 2019 and would get together on and off over the years, which eventually resulted in an official engagement in late summer.

Rebel, meanwhile, has no reservations about the time she spent with Jacob, a source close to HollywoodLife told the Isn’t It Romantic star EXCLUSIVELY.

She learned a lot about herself and shared some very cool moments with him, just like a divorce is painful for anyone to go through. We heard that the former lovers didn’t have a blow-out breakup from another source, who’s still close to Rebel, despite Jacob’s hurt feelings detailed in the article above.

They have just hit their end because the source explained, they are just at different places in their lives. Just 11 days before the new year, Rebel shared one of her last pictures with Jacob, feeling smitten as she kissed him in Aspen.

Rebel explained that the unique dating experiment she was undergoing leading up to her relationship with Jacob a few weeks before announcing their split.