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Rebel Wilson Rocks $3600 Fendi Jacket On Romantic Aspen Trip with BF Jacob Busch

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson: The popular holiday season has officially begun in Aspen, Colorado. Rebel Wilson entered posh Rocky Mountain ski town with her boyfriend Jacob Busch a week before Christmas.

The two lovers were photographed a day later on the slopes on December 18, dressed in the spirit of a luxury high-rise city. She wore a black Fendi appliquéd holographic ski skirt to the $ 3,590 run ski, making her one of the most well-dressed stars on the slopes so far in December.

Rebel’s coat had a cinched belt emblazoned with Fendi’s name on it that helped to show off the actor’s slim waist following his weight loss of 60 pounds this year. A shiny, bright jacket with the brand name emblazoned on both sleeves. Although it comes with ski trousers, Rebel has chosen warm, dark-skinned pants.

The Australian star covers her shiny face with a black mask and ski goggles. But there was nothing wrong with impersonating the Pitch Perfect character as soon as he took off his hat, showing off his white locks and beautiful blue eyes.

Rebel Wilson on Romantic Date with BF Jacob Busch

When she was done with her daily runs, Rebel wore a black hat to look completely invisible and wore warm Fendi velvet-logo boots for $ 850. Rebel then watched her fans via Instagram video her. she picked it up on the slopes and the snow passed by her, modeling her beautiful Fendi ski jacket.

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

Jacob, 29, has compared his girlfriend to a black collection of ski coats and trousers. The Anheuser Busch was wearing a white ski cap and gold-colored ski goggles, before wearing a red cap at the end of the day.

She handled Rebel’s skirts and hers in one photo, while Rebel wore a helmet and hats since her boyfriend’s hands were full of sports equipment. Her appearance was a long way off two days ago when Jacob was not wearing a shirt on December 16 when the couple was traveling to Malibu.

Rebel and Jacob made their love affair on September 24, going to a party in Monaco and putting themselves on the red carpet as a couple.

They regularly travel around the Mediterranean for fun after that, before traveling on several romantic routes to Mexico in October and November. Now the couple has taken their love in the snow, and it will be interesting to see how long they stay in Aspen.

The city is a hot spot for celebrities both at Christmas and New Year’s run, so Rebel and Jacob have a plan to be a part of this. Although the public is far from clear how the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020 will reduce many of the common star groups.

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