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Haikyuu!!: 5 Teams That Deserve Their Own Series (& 5 That Don’t)


Haikyuu Updates: In Haikyuu, there are multiple characters to juggle, and some of the teams deserve more screen time, or even ample to explain their own spin-off.

Hard, Haikyuu, as it is to believe! For over a decade, it has become a part of the anime world. The split is inevitably bittersweet, with the story eventually coming to an end. Fans can not help but long for more, no matter how satisfying the ending is.

In a competition where most of the competing teams are packed with charismatic personalities to the brim, it is so impossible not to visualize an alternate universe where Karasuno’s boys are not the main focal point of the show.

It actually leads viewers to think about which teams with their own spin-off shows would be well-suited to star as well as which ones they are happy to never see again.

10.Deserving: Aoba Johsai

Although Oikawa is a strong favorite of fans in both the show and the real world, a double-edged sword could be his successor. While the show eventually shows viewers where characters like Iwaizumi and the other upper-class people find themselves as young adults, it is more uncertain about the future of the high school team they left behind.

So much of the plot of Aoba Johsai is dominated by Oikawa and Kageyama’s rivalry, at the cost of the development of the other characters. The underclassmen following in the fabulous footsteps of Oikawa have a lot to live up to.

The convincing question is raised in a series about Aoba Johsai post-Oikawa: What happens to a kingdom without a king?

9.Undeserving: Nekoma


Understandably, Nekoma is one of the Haikyuu!! The most famous teams, with unforgettable characters such as Kenma, Kuro, and Lev. Nekoma doesn’t lack beauty, ability, or charisma.

But the historical competition between Karasuno and Nekoma has ensured that their legacies are inevitably woven together. Because of this, much of the tale of Nekoma was already told, resulting in the long-foreshadowed “battle of the garbage dump.” Haikyuu!! Nekoma’s show is already the same as Karasuno’s.

8.Deserving: The Squad of the Karasuno Girls


Early Haikyuu critiques!! The display lacks female roles, he said. While this is somewhat remedied as Hitoka Yachi and Saeko Tanaka join the cast, overall, it’s still a reasonable criticism.

And yet audiences spend those brief moments watching the Karasuno Girls’ Team and their captain, Michimiya, struggle to succeed in their own right, beyond reward.

Moreover, it is obvious that there are numerous fans who will welcome a series focused exclusively on female teams to the fandom’s obsession with gender-swapping the boys’ teams in fan art. Fans still love Karasuno, and it will be beyond uplifting to bring another fierce team of crows to the screen.

7.Wakutani: Undeserving


In the series, Wakutani Minami High appears early on. Like Karasuno, the team is based in Miyagi prefecture, and Takeru Nakashima, the captain of Wakutani, is inspired by the Little Giant, like Hinata. The team is known for defense mainly and is often compared to Nekoma High.

Although all of these similarities and contrasts initially establish an interesting tension between Karasuno and Wakutani, it will sound a little like staring in a funhouse mirror to animate a series on Wakutani. The story will clearly feel unoriginal.

6.Ohgiminami: Deserving


Mangaka Haruichi Furudate has a real talent to create characters that are sexy. No two Haikyuu characters look the same, despite all the shared signature features of Furadate’s style, such as pointed ears, feline eyes, and a wide, nuanced range of facial expressions.

However, the boys of Ohgiminami look almost as though they were drawn by another side. This plain-faced party is introduced as a defeatist bunch after losing their champion member to graduation.

And still, the team captain, after losing to Karasuno, is weeping with regret, ready to do better. Ohgiminami has the longest way to ascend in a series full of underdogs, and the ability to make the journey worthwhile.

5.Shiratorizawa: Undeserving


In the entire series, Shiratorizawa is among the most intimidating teams, and the school has a brutal reputation as a powerhouse. Add to that the formidable prowess of Ushijima and Tendou’s cunning, and it is no wonder that the match between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa is relentless and riveting.

But even though Haikyuu has no villains!! The next closest thing is an enemy like Shiratorizawa. The team is bloated, elitist, and made up of anything but underdogs.

This is a group of privileged students who still hope to win and typically do, but there will be no tension in the way to make it really exciting to see a series featuring them.

4.Fukurodani: Deserving


Fukurodani features an exceptionally accomplished ace, much like Shiratorizawa. Bokuto’s plucky beauty, however, is far from being the only merit of the squad.

One actor can not make a performance individually, and Bokuto is a severely flawed player. Capable as he is, he is also vulnerable to sudden changes in mood that threaten to derail his team.

3.Undeserving: Kakugawa


Alas, certain opponents remain in sports anime merely to be beaten by the protagonists, often rarely having more substance in a “getting better” montage than a brief introduction, and that seems to have been the case with Kakugawa High.

Although Furudate does an outstanding job of humanizing much of the series’ players, some teams struggle to make much of an impact.

When there are so many other, more reasonable choices for a spin-off, it will be a lost opportunity to continue to concentrate on Kakugawa. These options make a difference in the Shonen genre.

2.Deserving: Johzenji

Mere: Johzenji Deserving: Johzenji barely clocks in more screen time than Kakugawa, but the fandom is already resonating with the effects of this bombastic group of gamers. Their energetic chaos on the court, known as the “party” team, allows for great entertainment.

Their captain, Terushima, thinks sports can be fun, and while he is eager to take volleyball more seriously by playing Karasuno, he is not wrong. It will simply be a lot of fun to learn a series about this team of firecrackers and walk the line between spontaneity and control.

1.Undeserving: Dateko


Dateko has a lot to admire, but does Dateko have what it takes to support a series? Rather early in the season, Dateko acts as a threatening opponent while Karasuno is only getting his act together. They are quickly defeated, and the infamous “wall” is eventually repeatedly broken by other teams or one.

Viewers are made to learn the strengths and weaknesses of Dateko extremely well, and although the players have their own charm, it seems like it has already been told to complete this story.

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