Haikyuu: 5 ways Hinata Is The Hero (and 5 ways Kageyama is the best )

Haikyuu mainly focuses on the two characters,  Tobio Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata, who are being shown to be rivals  in a match, trying to be revengeful, and then ending up being   teammates in the Karasuno high school volleyball team. Let’s read to know how both the characters have been intrinsic part of the success of the story.

Hinata and Kageyama Are The Hero in Haikyuu: Reasons are here

10.) Hinata: The Little Giant:

Starring Hinata on scree, it starts with showing his aspirations to become a good volleyball player, despite his short height. One day he sees another player, The Little Giant and starts aspiring to be like him and even take on the same name. He stays motivated throughout.

9.) Kageyama: King Of The Court:

Kageyama holds a very opposite height and character than that of Hinata. He believes himself to be the best and is often angry and frustrated when his team isn’t able to score well. He is thus known as King Of The Court for his abhorrent and arrogant nature.

8.) Hinata: Meeting Players From Other Teams:

Hinata is a social bee. We see him mingling and mixing here and there with all the people and players he comes across. He is very amicable and can make friendship with anyone, regardless of their nature. Kenma Kozume and Takanobu Aone become his friends soon. Because of his friendly nature, he even starts growing terms with the other members from the other teams.

7.) Kageyama: Character Development:

Since Kageyama started his role as the king of the court, it took him some team to better off. He has put in a lot of efforts to be a good member of the team but sometimes to fall back in his old place. But then his team members do understand his thirst for success.

6.) Hinata: Growth:

Kageyama has been better since the starting. Hinata however has not been so. He of course has the potential and spirit and that is what lands him in the team. Now even after 4 seasons he is still pursuing to be better each day.

5.) Kageyama: Has More Rivals :

Kageyama has much more rivals. He considers Hinata to be his rival too. Tsukishima is also his rival.

4.) Hinata: He Wants To Beat Kageyama:

Kageyama has never thought of Hinata sa a rival before and that very part frustrated even more. He now targets constantlt to turn out to be better than Kageyama.

3.) Kageyama: Growth As A Setter:

It takes Kageyama some time to understand that being a setter does not mean lining up shots for himself. But it meant lining up shots for his team.

2.) Hinata: The Heart Of The Show:

Hinata is basically heart of the series. He has become so by him nature, team spirit and his temperament to persevere.

1.) Kageyama: Can Be A Good Player With Anyone: 

All-Japan Youth Training Camp has invited Kageyama , while Hinata has not been. As well as Kageyama is really recognized as a big member of the team.

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