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Fortnite Streamer Ninja Quits Game Due To Stream Sniping


Fortnite Streamer Ninja: Ninja, the famous video game streamer, promises to give up on the famed battle royale Fortnite after stream snipers spoil his fun persistently.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins may have passed on from Fortnite, the game that won him his original streaming success, but he’s promised to leave it behind for good after a string of stream snipes in his last casual dabble with the sandbox title.

A little over seven years ago, Blevins’ streaming career began, but he rose to fame on Twitch as a prolific Fortnite streamer, ultimately becoming one of the world’s most recognizable and influential streamers.

He’s credited with adding much greater popularity to Fortnite and was finally immortalized with his own official custom skin in the series.

Blevins was mostly linked to Fortnite at the height of his highly lucrative career and vice versa, and during his time as a competitive Fortnite streamer, his following grew by leaps and bounds.

Why Ninja Quits Streaming?

Blevins’ Fortnite career, though, finally came to an end, and he went on to other professional games including Valorant and League of Legends after signing an exclusive contract with Twitch, while still looking to extend his horizons into voice acting and other projects.


While he no longer plays competitively with Fornite, he still eventually wanders back into the game to play on the stream casually. But a recent streamed session, captured and reposted on YouTube (via Dexerto) by thatdenverguy, saw a few players seeking bragging rights, allegedly streaming Blevins 4 consecutive times.

It was enough to allow the former Fortnite star to disavow the user base of the game and to declare that he would no longer be broadcasting any of his casual Fortnite games, so as not to give stream-snipers a voice or the exposure they so desperately seek.

In the past, Blevins has cried wolf about stream snipers, so it’s easy to be suspicious of his arguments, but he claimed in the stream that behind all four snipes, it was the same culprit.

For many prolific streamers, it draws attention to what can be an unfortunate price of fame – they will be targeted more frequently, especially by those just looking to capitalize on their fame with bragging rights, and it can ruin what was once a great gaming experience for those who earn living streaming.

Of course, considering how much money Blevins draws in from streaming, this is not particularly easy to sympathize with, but that does not disqualify Blevins from his right to enjoy a casual round of Fornite in peace.

This is not especially easy to sympathize with, of course, given how much money Blevins draws from streaming, but that does not disqualify Blevins from his right to play a casual round of Fornite in peace.