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James Gunn Revealed the Galaxy that the Guardians were defending.

James Gunn

James Gunn: James Gunn, who is the writer as well as the director for the guardians of the galaxy series, has officially revealed what galaxy star lord and friends have been guarding for the past few movies and specified the Galaxy that the title refers to.

The film is about goofy Earthling Peter Quill, who is very well known as star-lord leading a ragtag team of misfits including the no-nonsense Gamora, warrior Drax, ornery Rocket Raccoon, mellow tree-man Groot, and a few others who hitched a ride along the way.

With each step they move in their planet-hopping journey the guardians come closer to each other and form a found family within.

Marvel’s other ensemble superhero team quickly earned themselves a large fanbase with their silver screen debut in 2014 and solidified it with a 2017 sequel and appearances in the cultural phenomenon Avengers films.

What James Gunn Shared?

Gunn should be largely thanked for the popularity of the series within the MCU as he is the creative engine behind its content. After briefly being fired from the films due to off-color jokes that he made in his past, Gunn was hired by DC to write a soft reboot, The Suicide Squad, of their own ensemble superhero flick.

James Gunn

With his recent tweet, Gunn finally revealed that it is the Andromeda Galaxy that the guardians defend.

He also answered the questions he was asked about his new projects coming up as in Various films and television programs he is been working at.

The Andromeda Galaxy is the one that is near our Milky Way galaxy and is about 2.5 million light-years distant from our planet. Gunn and other creative minds have worked so much to make it believable and to relate the characters to certain emotional standpoints.

Apparently, Gunn was tearing up while writing Vol. 3. It’s no surprise that the same amount of thought went into building the world.

With the third film from the guardian of the galaxy series set to start filming this year in the United Kingdom, we’re one step closer to another adventure with a likely teenaged Groot and Thor as an official Guardian vying with Quill for the role of leader.

And as Gunn himself is behind the scene, it is hopeful that the film will come out with laughs and heartfelt sobs.