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To All The Boys: Always & Forever Ending Explained

To All The Boys: Always & Forever

To All The Boys: Always & Forever Updates: To All The Boys: Always & Forever closes the tale of Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship. Here’s what the end means.

The End of To All The Boys: Always & Forever wraps up her high school plot, but still leaves big doubts about the future of Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship.

The third and final installment in the To All The Boys franchise, as far as the plans are concerned, takes place during the senior year as Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky tackle graduation and the possibility of them going to separate schools. The film continues with its classic rom-com romance, with more than a few twists of fate along the way.

The central conflict of To All The Boys 3 stems from Lara Jean’s college. Though Peter has already been offered a lacrosse scholarship to Stanford, Lara Jean sadly doesn’t get in there.

She does, though, get to Berkeley, which is just around an hour away, and from which she will be able to move to Stanford after a year. But a class trip to New York City throws a spanner into the work when Lara Jean discovers that her heart does not belong to anyone else, but rather to someone else.

Of course, To All The Boys 3 is a romantic comedy, and while it’s on the staples of the type, it’s still true to them in many ways. Lara Jean has the happy ending that gives her the best possible outcome: she’s going to attend New York University while trying to make things work long-distance with Peter.

But is the pair going to be together? That’s the big issue at the end of To All The Boys: Still & Forever, even though there’s so much to unpack from their story so far.

Why Lara Jean prefers NYU to remain loyal to Peter

To All The Boys: Always & Forever

Although Lara Jean seems initially set to gamble on her future by moving to Berkeley, helping her to attend a decent college that’s similar to Peter, all that changes as she goes to New York and, more importantly, attends an NYU party with Chris and Gen.

From visiting both the city and the campus, Lara Jean falls in love with Manhattan and the thought of becoming a student there, which makes a lot of sense for her character: it is, as she points out, the home of so many great romcoms and so much great literature.

There’s a reason so many books are set up in NYC, and now Lara Jean will start writing her own chapter in the Big Apple.

Is Lara Jean & Peter living together? Fresh Deal, Song & College Future

To All The Boys: Always & Forever

While Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship ends in To All The Boys: Always & Forever, after their decision to attend NYU causes an ever-widening chasm between the couple, they are finally reconciling.

Peter comes to understand that no matter how far apart they are, it’s worth trying because they love each other. This, in fact, ties to his own story, which is discussed a little further in To All The Boys 3 thanks to the appearance of his aunt (played by Henry Thomas).

Peter is able to learn more about recognition, forgiveness, and affection, both of which bind him to realize that Lara Jean is “The One” and that she needs a chance to have it all: to go to NYU without having to mean the end of their relationship.

What happens to the other characters at the conclusion of To All The Boys: Always & Forever 3’s

To All The Boys: Always & Forever

To All The Boys: Always & Forever doesn’t give a massive amount of attention to his other characters, since there’s so much to do with Lara Jean and Peter, but it does give fitting ends to most of his supporting players.

Among these, it’s definitely Chris and Gen, the two cousins (and former rivals) who get the most improvement and the better send-offs, but a little more time between Chris and Lara Jean would have been good to say.

That makes sense for her character, who was never likely to adapt or adopt the rest of the crowd only going to college. Thanks to her on-again romance with Trevor, however, and her reconnection with Gen, Chris’s end feels more full than just sending her off on a gap year, instead of making her a bit more fleshy and self-developed.

What To All Boys: Always & Forever’s End Does It Really Mean

To All The Boys: Always & Forever

The biggest question at the end of To All The Boys 3 is whether or not Lara Jean and Peter can remain together, but whether they do, don’t, or the question is never answered, the fact that this point has been reached is what is important.

The idea that Lara Jean is a person who can choose to go to New York City, to choose a different college than what was originally intended, and to forge her own sense of identity and individualism is the secret to her character arc.

It’s not only about her and Peter’s relationship, but about her evolving as a human, coming out of her shell, and learning how to love someone in real, practical terms: in real life, not on the page.

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