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Captain America: Chris Evans ‘set to reprise Fantastic 4 Human Torch in Doctor Strange 2’

Chris Evans

Chris Evans: The fan-favorite, Chris Evans seems to be out of the MCU as Captain America in the end of the Avengers Endgame. But with the things going on, it seems that he will be probably back. Some rumors going around about some projects which are under consideration including some of the characters of Doctor Strange.

This week of WandaVision has put Evan Peters’ Quicksilver to the light from X-men movies, with a heavy suggestion that more Dinsey-owned characters are going to enter the world of MCU.

If X-men is kept aside, Fox Fantastic 4 movies star Chris Evans as Human Torch even before his character of Captain America. With the entry of Doctor strange to Multiverse of Madness for the next year, there are continuous rumors spreading around of Fox characters will be having cameos.

Rumors going all around that Evans is likely to be reprising Jonathan Storm for this movie. This leak of news comes from Giant Freakin Robot, who had a correct prediction on Don Chradle’s War machine is going to be feature in The Falcon and The Winter Solider.

With the Marvel apparently wants Jessica Alba her Sue Richards that is The Invisible Women in 2nd part of Doctor Strange. If this was not enough, Evans would be not only reprising Human Torch but also play as an evil hero, who is going to work with HYDRA, as it happens in the Marvel Comics.

If we come to Peters’ Quicksilver introduction to the WandaVision there are rumors of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and other characters of Sony Marvel are also going to reprise their characters in the Untitled Spiderman part 3 for this Christmas. It seems that this festival the audience are taken towards an Avengers: Secret Wars Multiverse.

Chris Evans: How did all this start?

Chris Evans

In WandaVision, we can se Scarlet Witch is engaging with the reality (with pretty much chances of brining Fox Universe into the Marvel), and Loki from the scenes of Avengers Endgame 2012, feels like he is meddling with an amazing time travel concept in upcoming Disney+ show.

In addition to this, Kang the Conquerer, the chrononaut villain, is going to be featured in Ant-Man and also in the Wasp: Quantumania.

With an assumption, all the mess that the show is creating with both time and space can be troublesome the protectors of Earth – 616, the Sorcerer Supreme.

So, do not miss this fun and don’t let your hopes down and wait for the movie to show wonders.

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