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Power Rangers: Why Tommy Is the Strongest Ranger

Power Rangers

Power Rangers Updates: It’s no wonder that Tommy Oliver is the most beloved Power Ranger of all time. He has also won his spot as the best Power Ranger over the years.

But power doesn’t always mean who’s going to strike the hardest. Power refers to the strength of character of both body and mind. Tommy may not have begun as the best character, but he has definitely developed into a true hero in a string of Power Rangers.

During his time as a ranger, Tommy wore several caps. He started as a villain and then became a king, mentor, and family man. The comics further broadened his character, discovering that even with his gray hair, life never left Tommy. He became an inspiration and legend for the audience, and all he did was be the greatest guy he could.

Power Rangers: Tommy Strongest Ranger

Tommy revealed how destructive and effective he could be as a villain in the five-part “Green with Evil” arc. The influence of the green ranger is obvious, so the other members are skeptical if they escape from the rule of Rita and become a part of the squad.

Power Rangers

However, it did not stop Tommy from developing and improving as a Team Member, so he knew why he originally was not trusted. Tommy finally became the white ranger, but while he was fresh as a chief, he was assisted by veterans including Billy and Kimberly.

Tommy was used both as a chief and a red ranger by the power rangers Zeo and Turbo. Tommy did not take the promotion immediately and struggled for several episodes to keep his Staff intact and safe.

At the moment, the Machine Empire was the biggest challenge ever faced by the rangers. The Zeo Rangers were able to retain the kingdom under Tommy’s leadership. The incredible strength of Zeo crystals proved that Tommy would never ever be abused and even be able to use it for good. Zeo Ranger Red is going to transform from there on into one of Tommy’s most famous appearances.

Power Rangers leadership is certainly an uncomfortable job, but the role of a mentor may also be more complicated. Tommy swaps his red duds for Black in Power Rangers Dino Thunder and seizes his back from leadership.

The series reveals how much he has trained with a new generation of rangers in his twenties. Dino Thunder labeled Tommy as a partner last season, but not as a ranger for the last time.

In the following years Tommy will go back to his green ranger suit for an iconic battle, and later in an episode of reunion. The gathering in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel was the last on-screen presence to carry all his years as a guard and to culminate in the amazing Master Morpher.

Tommy could become any guard over his profession and worked for his personal development as a visual guideline. To date, Tommy is Morpher’s only ranger.

As a Power Ranger Tommy Oliver had a fine turvy childhood. Yet there is one thing he does not have, which is the perspective of many politicians. Literally, Tommy began as an opponent from the ground and became the most solid guard.

Tommy stood powerful while other leaders wanted to fight or to make their feelings strengthen. He knew where the dark could take a Ranger and served his teams and his family as an example. As a result, the best power ranger will never be replaced by Tommy.


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