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Boruto: 5 Ninja Who Would Be Perfect as the Next Hokage (Besides Sasuke)


Boruto Updates: It looks like Naruto may be on his last legs in the Boruto manga. His baryon mode drained its chakra dry during the fight against Isshiki, which Kurama has been warning about, and it looks like it is about to die.

This has also led to speculations that Sasuke might become the first Uchiha to take over as Konoha’s Hokage, and that Madara and Hashirama Senju had to do so centuries ago.

However, there are familiar faces in the old guard who may become the leader of the Secret Leaf if Sasuke offers an administrative role to the village.

  1. Boruto: Orochimaru 


Although it seems to be unconventional to choose Orochimaru as a part of the Three Legendary Sannin, it should be recalled. Jiraiya was dead but somebody said that he should be emperor, though official positions he never liked.

Hiruzen, after the Third Hokage, Tsunade also took over in battle, so the entire Sannin has an understanding of leadership since for some time they have been official protectors.

Ironically, Orochimaru was killed by Hiruzen, but in the Kaguya war, it saved him and helped him to fight with the Rabbit Princess, Naruto and Sasuke. But it will be an important step in exchange for light to consider what Konoha wants now, so Jiraiya and his former tutor in Hiruzen should respect Hokage.

His love for Mitsuki and the next generation has already been exposed and while he’s still hidden about his studies, being motivated by science is a huge boost for Konoha’s push for SST.

Orochimaru may be a fantastic leader with decades of experience, research, and growth in the village. This will also encourage Shikamaru and Sasuke to track him closely, as they can’t track him fully.

  1. Boruto: Ino


During the Kaguya battle, Ino was an integral soldiers who gathered slack when his sensory unit died by Ten Tails. She and Shikamaru have since been working on honoring the memory of those who died in the attack. Today, Shikamaru is Naruto’s consultant while Ino manages the sensory network of Konoha and a flower store.

Ino takes a very motivating and logical figure, besides leaning on Sakura and Hinata. The preference for waiting and listening to others around her leads to a motherly and caring approach to the workplace that makes it more open than Hokage.

Younger shinobi admire Ino and her maturity in particular, even though she was a child, and her stabilizing influence can be exactly what Konoha wants when Naruto has left.

  1. Boruto: Iruka Umino


Iruka is an articulate, smart, and tactical veteran who has been living for most of his life near Hokage, Hiruzen, and Naruto.

In taking on this role, he would certainly honor his “son,” sacrifice, as he was always afraid of the rush to the war by Naruto. If not for Kakashi, Iruka potentially succeeded Tsunade as Hokage, but he tried to remain the center of publicity.

  1. Boruto Shikamaru Nara


Shicamaru’s dying duty will introduce Shikadai to his circle of character and could inspire him to go further since his son also exhibits huge skill as a principal supporter of Boruto. Shikamaru’s family even had some of the loyalist troops in the village and that may be their dynasty’s crowning jewels.

  1. Boruto: Sakura Uchicha


It’s a surprising choice for Sakura, but she got it and she’s great for the part. Becoming Hokage would complete her trip as an apprentice to Tsunade and she would lean both on her and on the former tutor, Kakashi.

Sakura is also an underestimated military strategist who aids tremendously in the final battle against Kaguya, so Sakura looks for war and potential challenges aside from her motherly contact. Sakura would like to celebrate the memory of Naruto.