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Gigi Hadid states she’s NEVER done plastic surgery; Supermodel says she’s personally ‘terrified’ of fillers

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid: An interview was held recently, in which new Mom Gigi Hadid revealed, that she had never inserted anything into her face, as she is very much a disciplinarian.

Gigi Hadid who lately celebrated the birth of her first child, who is a cute baby girl named Khai with Zayn Malik, is answering dancing to the gossip of acquiring plastic surgery and fillers done as now her face has changed very much over the years.

Throughout a segment for Vogue titled Beauty Secrets done by Just Jared, the 25 -year -old supermodel reveals how people presume that there is a huge difference in her ‘past’ and ‘present’ pictures.

Gigi Hadid on Fillers

Hadid described, that when she thinks about her first Red Carpet, that time she does not have any makeup artist, due to which she had to do her makeup.

Khai’s Supermom reveals that how these days, people putting out her past pictures and comparing that photo with her present photos by commenting that, ‘Oh, Gigi’s nose looks diverse in her past photos.

Gigi Hadid

‘Besides, concerning her face, people attached that, ‘There are some changes done on Gigi’s face ‘. According to Hadid, it’s nothing else, it is just the power of makeup”.

As, It was stated that she has done fillers in her face that’s why her face is round, for that she declares, ” I don’t know from where the people are getting the news that I have done fillers and that the reason behind my round face, so let me clear this out: I had a round face from the day when I was born.

The Answer is No, for all those who are assuming that I have done fillers in my face”. Although Hadid assures to add that she is so cheerful for everyone to do everything that makes them happy, feel more pleasant and fine about themselves.

Gigi finishes that, ” Me Oneself, it scared me. I feel I’m too much disciplinarian, ‘what will happen if it turns negative’? 


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