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Kim Kardashian Cuts Off Contact With Kanye, Prepares to File For Divorce

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian: Despite all the separation things and Kanye West moving his shoe collection out of his marital home with Kim Kardashian, the couple still seems to be very patient and not in a rush to divorce.

With each one of them having many different reasons to stay married.

After Kim Kardashian in January, reported retainment over the divorce attorney, the 43-year-old rapper moved his 500 pair shoe collection out of the $60 million Hidden hills states, allegedly and recently.

But this doesn’t prove the divorce being imminent as both of them, Kim and Kanye have got their own reasons to salvage the six-year-old marriage.

As sources tell Hollywoodlife.com that Kanye is facing ups and downs with the divorce thing with Kim as Kim has always been his queen since they started dating in late 2011 and is not willing completely to give up as it has been one long relationship and he loved her prior from afar to that too.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye Prepares to File For Divorce

The 43-year-old rapper however didn’t accept what Kim says that he is having some major issues and she is not comfortable surrounding him with the kids as the rapper has bipolar disorder and he doesn’t like to get medicated for that as he thinks that it would stifle up his creativity leading to his outbursts as one happened in 2019 where he accused Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner of trying locking him up and claiming about how he wanted to get divorced from Kim since 2018.

Kim Kardashian

With the rapper currently in Wyoming, all tuned up and focussing upon his music says he is in no place to think about all this as this becomes time-consuming and is in a creative mode right now so he is going to shut everything down for it.

While Kanye is busy with his music outside, Kim is at home with the 4 kids of the couple and is focused on her business empire KKW beauty, and SKIMS solution wear. Also, she wants her husband to work upon him if he wants to make their marriage work again and want to remain married.

Kim’s still in no rush to file paperwork to get a divorce. She essentially gave Kanye a list of things she needed him to do in order for this marriage to work and he’s doing some of them, so she’s giving him one more chance to work on the marriage, as another insider adds up.

This absolutely seems to be the ultimatum for their marriage to work.