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Kim Kardashian Teases Fresh Makeup Collection Wearing Crochet Bra & Floral Headpiece In New Images

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian: In her latest KKW Beauty ad, Kim Kardashian looks simply breathtaking. Although wearing a crochet bra and leggings, she wore a giant headpiece consisting of flowers.

When it comes to her KKW Cosmetics line, Kim Kardashian continues to be her own top spokesmodel. A new range of “Matte Mauve and Honey” items is being launched by the 40-year-old entrepreneur and her beautiful face and body have been used to advertise their upcoming launch.

In a Feb. 4 Instagram post, while wearing the colors from the mauve range, Kim could be seen in an intricate flower headdress. She put on a stylish bra top with cream crochet so that the makeup could really shine against her tanned skin.

In one of the pictures, when fitted with the headpiece, which included orchids, roses, dahlias, and other blooms in mauve and honey tones, the camera looked down on Kim’s decolletage.

She glanced down to see that her stunning plum and lilac eyelids could be seen, as some of the flowers were changed by an on-set stylist to ensure that they were properly pictured above her head.

Kim posed with her hands on her hips in a promotional snapshot while sporting the bra top and matching crochet bike shorts, showing off her tiny bare waistline.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Collection

Kim Kardashian

The flower headpiece and the dominant posture of Kim made her look so regal, as the blooms so closely suited her perfectly made-up profile. She wore the same outfit for another promotional shot where she crouched down on set in mauve tones amid large floral displays, blending seamlessly with her headpiece and makeup palette.

For another series of promo pictures, Kim did an ensemble upgrade. But in a long-sleeved sheer bodysuit, she wore the same crochet fabric. It featured high-cut hips, along with cream briefs, to show off Kim’s toned and tanned thighs. To discourage it from being NSFW, the top featured a bar of fabric running around the middle of Kim’s chest.

The launch is only eight days out, but in the coming days, we should be seeing even more stunning pictures of Kim showcasing the new collections. She wrote “COMING SOON in the caption of the nine photos: @KKWBEAUTY MATTE MAUVE & MATTE HONEY.

I liked the matte collections of our ’90s so much that I wanted to extend the vision! Just the matte mauve pictures are pictured here, but soon you will upload honey!

The range includes two all-new 10-Pan Pressed Powder Pallets, four Blushes, six Matte Lipsticks, and six Lip Liners, all in matte hues ranging from rich and peachy mauves to vivid butterscotches and soft honey. The Matte Mauve & Matte Honey Collection will be unveiled at KKWBEAUTY.COM” next Friday, 02.12 at 12 PM PT.

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