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WandaVision: Who May Be The Surprising MCU Cameo Character


WandaVision Updates: In a future show, WandaVision has a big MCU cameo, but who’s the mystery character? WandaVision has been exciting and daunting in equal measure, setting off the MCU’s Disney+ period in style, bursting from the conventional MCU mold with a wacky comedy that has so far only offered a small nod to the typical superhero formula.

Somehow, along with her dead lover, Vision, and other people ripped from their lives in the outside world, Wanda Maximoff is stuck in the suburban town of Westview.

Westview takes the form of a comedy, as if that was not strange enough, and has switched to the gaudy decor of the 1970s, beginning in the 1950s.

WandaVision’s opening three episodes remained firmly within the boundaries of Westview, but episode 4 anchors incidents to the broader MCU (appropriately named “We Interrupt This Program”).

Finally, it reveals the tumultuous aftermath of Thanos’ snap, Monica Rambeau returns from Captain Marvel, Jimmy Woo takes a break from bugging Ant-Man, and Dr. Darcy Lewis finally gets a career that doesn’t have the troublesome, golden-haired ex of her colleague.

Intriguingly, Elizabeth Olsen of WandaVision says there are still bigger cameos yet to come. Olsen shared disappointment in a recent interview that an imminent main character presence had not already been leaked, evoking instant parallels to the epic arrival of Luke Skywalker in season 2 of The Mandalorian.

The upcoming WandaVision cameo is definitely a big name, considering Olsen’s enthusiasm, but it’s not yet clear if the mystery figure will be a known figure from the new MCU or a surprising debut. Here are the most probable choices, taking into account the characters involved and the latest chaos going on in Westview.



Will the collective MCU fanbase, starting boldly, manifest a WandaVision Magneto cameo into being? Although it may seem far-fetched, the appearance of the metal-mad mutant really makes common sense.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver became Magneto’s twin offspring in the Marvel comic books, but the blood link has now been retconned, although their connection existed in effect for decades until the rewrite.

Even now, Magneto is commonly known as Wanda’s dad, but the X-Men movie rights were already owned by Fox when Elizabeth Olsen’s MCU character was properly released in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel’s mutants are now squarely in Kevin Feige’s custody following a well-publicized buy, and it is only a matter of time before the X-Men enter the MCU.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver


Tempering expectations somewhat, the shock cameo of WandaVision is more likely to be a face that fans have seen before, making Quicksilver of the MCU a prime candidate.

Alongside Wanda, Aaron Taylor-Johnson debuted as Pietro Maximoff, but the speedster died against Ultron during the Battle of Sokovia. Since Westview is an idyllic universe where Thanos did not mercilessly smash Vision’s noggin, it is strange that Wanda has not resurrected her brother as well.

The Scarlet Witch still remembers Pietro after giving birth, but oddly, she also speaks in the past tense about her sibling. Sooner or later, WandaVision must discuss why Quicksilver is not part of the fantasy of Wanda, and a cameo by Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be the perfect way to do that.

If Wanda is really responsible for Westview’s development, someone needs to ask her to quit, and Quicksilver is one of the only characters who can do that.

Or, more specifically, a manifestation of Quicksilver in the alternate world of Wanda. The rational part of the mind of Wanda could build an image of Pietro (played by a returning Aaron Taylor-Johnson) to persuade herself that before the shark leaps, the sitcom needs to be canceled.

An Eternal (Or Two)

It’s the MCU tradition that one project normally leads to the next, but on the MCU slate, WandaVision does not link neatly to other launches. Black Widow takes place in the past, while a more grounded, real-world sound is struck by Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

Having said that, Marvel does have Eternals coming out later this year, bringing the God-like immortals’ titular community. Since Thanos is of everlasting heritage, the destruction endured by the world at his hands will make those of his species feel responsible.

And if the sorrow of Scarlet Witch over Vision caused the Westview incident of WandaVision, the Eternals might feel obligated to help her out. An Everlasting cameo does not instantly hit fans as surprising and thrilling as new MCU characters, but if one of the higher-profile names returned – Angelina Jolie or Richard Madden, for example – the next chapter of the MCU will kick off in style.

Nick Fury


It’s interesting in several respects that SHIELD’s longtime head honcho hasn’t made his presence known in WandaVision yet.

Nick Fury was discovered to have begun a new underground agency with his Skrull friends, stationed in Earth’s orbit and tracking possible threats to the world, during one of several major post-credit sequences in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Many fans thought this was the arrival of SWORD in the MCU, based on the Marvel comics, but according to WandaVision, after the events of Captain Marvel, SWORD was actually created by Maria Rambeau.

There’s a discrepancy between the current squad of Nick Fury and the agents investigating Westview at the moment, and a Samuel L. Jackson cameo might help tie the dots. By Agents of SHIELD, the celebrated star has already appeared on Marvel TV, but whether Fury will qualify as a surprise cameo is a matter of debate.

Doctor Strange


SWORD is actively seeking to grasp the essence of the phenomenon in Westview and the position of Wanda in it, while still finding out how to remove the energy barrier and save the lost people inside.

They haven’t tried even to get Darcy’s coffee order right so far. It seems prudent to call another for backup with one Avenger screaming out of balance – preferably one with considerable expertise with magic and a track record coping with dimensional challenges. Join Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange, as the master of the magical arts himself.