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Thor: Ragnarok Fake Odin Actor Was Truly Lost Watching The Movie

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok Updates: Thor: Ragnarok’s fake Odin star Sam Neill admits that while seeing the MCU movie that featured the very scene he was in, he was utterly lost.

Thor: Sam Neill, Ragnarok’s false Odin star, claims he was really confused while watching the film Taika Waititi for the first time.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s original Avengers, but it wasn’t long ago that his solo franchise seemed to be approaching its peak.

That everything changed when Waititi was brought on board by Marvel Studios to direct Thor: Ragnarok. The franchise moved in a largely different direction and the Thor series was basically gently rebooted.

Thor: Ragnarok Fake Actor

Although some familiar characters from the series and the MCU were included in Thor: Ragnarok, it shrugged off what seemed to be significant set-up pieces for its plot.

Thor: Ragnarok

One of the prime indicators of this was how the film dealt with the death of Loki in Thor: The Dark World. Loki began posing as Odin in the previous film so that he could control Asgard, and the mystery was assumed to be an aspect that would be essential to what happened next.

Instead, almost suddenly, Waititi threw aside the mystery and had Thor compel Loki to disclose his lie, while Odin lived in exile on Earth. However, this did not merely disturb and surprise the people of Asgardia.

In a play edition of Thor: The Dark World, Sam Neill had a minor part in Thor: Ragnarok as an Asgardian actor portraying Odin. This play was the backdrop to the Loki-Odin discovery, but it turns out when Neill actually saw the show, he didn’t realize what was going on.

While in an interview with Collider, he has said this, noting how uncertain he was about whether Odin or Loki has been the character in the scene.

It is clear that he was lost, even though Neill was very involved with the scene that puzzled him. He says he’s not completely engrossed in the MCU, but he’s actually never seen Thor: The Dark World.

There will be no way to make sense about what was happening straight away without understanding that Loki had swapped places with Odin before.

Plus, it’s the only scene Neill is in, but he certainly did not have access to the complete script of Thor: Ragnarok to grasp the whole narrative. It’s also conceivable that the whole time the theater location has been used, he was not on set.