Natalie Portman confirms the plot for Thor 4, Click to know every other detail

Thor 4 is one of the most anticipated upcoming films. Taika Waititi is back with another sequel of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor 4, officially titled as Thor: Love and Thunder. In this film, Natalie Portman seems to confirm a long-rumored storyline. Jane foster would be played by Natalie Portman in the film.

Last year, Thor: Ragnarok director, Waititi made revelations about considering adapting The Mighty Thor comic, in which Jane Foster battling cancer and taking on the mantle of the Thor at the same time. Though Waititi cautions that things might change in the future, as they changed in the Ragnarok.

Confirm Plot for Thor 4

Now, speaking of the present, Portman in her interview with yahoo, confirms, that Thor 4 is indeed going to adapt from Mighty Thor. And teases that Jane will be battling cancer in Thor 4. Portman, in her interview, states that he is really excited to work with the franchise. And also, she is been working on her, she started to train, to get muscles as the majority of the female superheroes are seen.

Portman, who is observed on the screens of the Thor, and Thor: The Dark World, but was absent on the most recent sequel is again going to make herself in-front of the audience.

As we know the COVID 19 pandemic situations had made everyone suffer, Marvel had to shuffle much of its feature movie slate. Most of the movies were postponed due to this. Hence Thor: Love and Thunder have not started to film yet.

But it seems that this movie is going to enter the production soon, net early than 2021 but yes, it is going to start sometime in early 2021. In the MCU pocket of the films, Sang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is going to complete its filming in Australia. And also, Doctor Strange 2 is expected to start shooting which is also in Australia and by November.

So, how excited are you to see the Thor: Love and Thunder on the screens?

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