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The Resident Season 4: Will audience miss Morris Chestnut?

The Resident Season 4

The Resident Season 4 Updates: On the screens of The Resident season 4, the audience has seen numerous important stories for Bell, Nic, Mina as well as AJ, but there is no word for Morris Chestnut who played Barrett Cain. Can we say is it an end for his character? How good the show becomes after him leaving the show?

The last time he was on the screen, in a comatose state after the operation. Though this cannot be considered to be the end of his character, they’re no much news about it, so we can say that it is not yet confirmed.

We cannot provide you a crystal clear clarification if this character is going to survive or not or anything related to his long-term existence in the show.

There is no official information about this character’s continuation in this show. So, from this, we can say that it is a clear mystery whether the writers want to roll this character out or not.

The creators of the show, are more interested in showing the medical crisis which is going to solve in a week. These can take a long time to continue and there is no guarantee that the audience will get an update any sooner.

The Resident Season 4: Who’s Morris Chestnut?

The Resident Season 4

This might be very frustrating to the fans of Barret Cain, as said earlier, the situation is worse within the fans. This makes sense, how can this character end his role in this show?

This character is also considered to be the most likable character of the show. Even if it is not true, there is a chance of redemption as Chestnut is an amazing actor with a great fan following. So, the hope is still alive, we can consider his appearance in this show alive.

There are pretty many chances of character comes over the death bed, and this experience may give Barrett a completely new lease on life.

So, the audience can be assured that The resident is not going to forget about this matter completely. There will be sure an update sooner or later, if you ask our opinion, according to us there might be a surprise waiting for all the audience. As the writer, the main concern is to entertain the viewers and they are their first priority.

So, don’t let your hopes down, there is no official news of Barrett Cain being out of the show, keep your fingers cross and wait for the good news.

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