The Resident Season 4: When can we get the release date? & Everything we know so far

The Resident Season 4 Updates:  Fans were left with a huge disappointment when the third season of the show came to an end earlier due to the coronavirus outbreak. There is everything you need to know about the future of the show.

What about another series of The Resident?

The Fox medical drama has unfortunately come to an end soon after the release of the three episodes of season 3. However, the makers have confirmed the return of the show will come back with a fresh fourth season

President of Fox entertainment Michael Thorn announced the renewal of the show- The Resident along with other hit series called Last Man Standing. He stated ” The Resident and Last Man Standing are such vital parts of Fox and we are pleased to inform that they will be returning next season.”

He also extended his gratitude to all the writers, actors, directors, producers, and crew for both the shows. And also to friends and producing partners at 20th century Fox television.

When can we get the release date of season 4?

The show was planned to release in September like the previous seasons. The third season was launched on the network on 24 September 2019. The network announced that the fourth season will be delayed until 2021 due to production delays. There is no exact date revealed yet.

What will The Resident bring to us?

The co-creator Amy Holden opened up about the plans of the series. The storyline may follow up on the recent situation of the coronavirus outbreak. She said the foremost deals are focussing on the effect of the lives on our hero doctors and nurses risking their lives daily

Sadly, the after-effects of the COVID life will go on for a very long time even after the using vaccine and the show ill target that as well.

Some unplanned stories and episodes from the third season will also be picked to showcase in the upcoming season.

Todd Harthan too spoke about this matter stating ” we had the building blocks as scripts were written and some extra shot footage”.  He added that some big pieces of the show will remain intact but some other parts on contrary will be reformed.

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