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Emily in Paris Season 2 Is Reported: Here’s what we really want to see

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily in Paris Season 2 Update: Emily in Paris’s first season was impressive. The people appeared to genuinely love it, amid lots of mixed reviews. Emily’s first season in Paris was amazing. The crowd seemed to love it thoroughly, amid lots of negative feedback.

It is true that it got lots of mixed feedback, but a lot of people generally still liked it for the most part. It was enjoyable to watch, episode by episode, and a big explanation why Lily Collins finally pulled her weight to make it happen.

 Emily in Paris Season 2: What Cast Feel About The Show

Emily in Paris Season 2
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Season two was confirmed and was formally renewed on November 11, 2020. Fans of the show are uncertain about what is to come, but until it actually premieres on Netflix, we have a few big expectations about what we want to see.

A Romance between Camille and Emily

It was clearly implied that, in season one of the show, Camille had a crush on Emily. The girls have kissed at one moment in time! She even said Emily was sorry, but Camille said she’s not. If any of that is some hint that Camille is into Emily, in season two, possibly there may be something growing up between the two. Emily said she favored men when asked about her dating interests. That does not mean that she absolutely counts women out!

Finding out about Emily & Gabriel by Camille

It’s going to be super exciting to figure out how Camille will react to finding Gabriel and Emily’s hook up. And on all of that, behind Camille’s back, they shared a kiss that Camille really just doesn’t know about!

More French and Fashion

Viewers got to watch Emily do her hardest to master the language of French in season one. She took French lessons and studied to learn and pick up the language every once in a while. A lot of fashion still needs to be there! Every single episode in season one had Emily walking down the streets of Paris wearing a few of the prettiest dresses and the most fashionable accessories.

The softer side of Sylvie

Sylvie has such a bad mood and a short temper at all times. For Emily, it is difficult to deal with her throughout the first season. In season one there are some moments when Sylvie revealed her softer side and showed it to the world that she is a nice person with emotions.