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Chris Evans Has Way More Tattoos Than You Think

Chris Evans

Chris Evans: In October, before the winter set in and he resigned from his pool of season, Chris Evans recorded himself diving shirtless into the water in the motion of a backflip.

The topless outlook of the actor has been sighted multiple times in the MCU movies. However, the fans were never exposed to the ink that he has on his body- his tattoos!

Chris Evans: Tattoos and Meanings

In a meeting with The Hot Hits in 2014, Evans clarified why he cautiously chooses his tattoo situation.

“I really like tattoos, but the problem is when you wear a shirtsleeve shirt in a movie. That’s an extra hour in the makeup chair. It’s not worth it. I’m all for tattoos, but just somewhere they can be hidden.” Evans also says you won’t see him in V-necks on screen for that same reason, given has a tattoo across his upper chest.

The questions that gain a lot of weight here is why are Marvel superheroes not supposed to have tattoos; would the fandom be influenced to ink up their body; is a tattoo a negative thing? However, leaving those aside, we’ll plunge into the actor’s body art.

Evans has ink on each shoulder, including a Taurus zodiac symbol to his left side shoulder (his mom’s sign) and “loyalty” in cursive to his right side.

Chris Evans

Evans used to have a Mandarin character—”氏” (or “shì”)— to his left side bicep, however has since taken out it. As per Page Six, he accepted the character meant “family,” however the signification is smaller, which means something like “clan name.”

Evans’ chest is the place where the majority of his body tattoos exist. Tattooer Josh Lord is the one behind at least two of his chest tattoos. Somewhere near his ribs, he has an Avengers projected tattoo.

In a meeting with Revolver, Lord said Evans wasn’t done after the Avengers ink. “He really has kept on returning for additional tattoos. We are presently going to begin an entire large new chest piece for him.”

The ruler was likely discussing Evans’ hawk tattoo, one of his later. Its importance and meaning have not yet been uncovered.

Directly over the hawk to Evans’ left side pec is a statement from the spiritual instructor Eckhart Tolle. It peruses, “When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.”

On Evans’ right ribs, he has another engraving. It peruses: “In loving memory of Bardsley with me always.” The engraving respects Evans’ late companion who passed on in a 2003 auto crash.

Underneath the eagle and his companion’s name, Evans has the tattoo “DODGER,” his dog’s name.

Evans wears the letters “SCS” on his right lower leg, a mix of his kin’s first initials.