Chris Evans wished to return to the (MCU) Marvel Cinematic Universe in the most meta way possible:

Chris Evans Updates: After Captain America, Chris Evans definitely became a superstar globally but do you know this 39- years old superstar has a massive role in playing history comic book movies.

Also, the Human torch role in Tim story two fantastic four movies was too played by Chris Evans and he has a meta idea in the MCU for the fantastic four reboots (revive ).

Chris Evans Reboot of Captain America might not be confirmed with the MCU just yet:

Although Evans’s last appearance was thought to be in Avengers: Endgame as the version of Steve Rogers of Captain America in the MCU. After traveling back in time and choosing to grow old with Carter (Hayley Atwell) he handed off his shield to San Wilson.

Although there must be some chances that in the upcoming Black widow Film, he could make an appearance in it. Between the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow is set as per CDR points.

Steve will be in theory for action because of the action in time. And now it is to assume that Natasha Romanoff and Steve to be met during the time at some point. There is a small chance of Evans to a significant amount of duration on screen in the Black widow. Although the chance to appear can’t be assumed.

Marvel is now giving ‘Fantastic Four’ another chance:

Chris Evans

Most of the iconic roles in comic history, the fantastic four already had a terrible history at the box office. A total number of four attempts of fantastic four been successful.

Still, fans w don’t be happy because the characters never got received the treatment they must be deserving. Taking Kevin Feige and marvel’s history with the MCU, fans are hoping that they must do justice to them this time also. However, there is a hint that the new fantastic four could bein production.

Chris Evans has the most meta idea for his return to the MCU:

The reboot of the fantastic four can happen much earlier than anybody expected. Murphy’s Multiverse folks, they have been connecting some points that the movie is up for its pre-production.

The registration goes under a separate company of production with another name when Marvel goes for a new project. For example, they just registered a company named Olympia productions for the shoot of Eternals.


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