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Virgin River Season 3 Theories: Jamie working for Calvin?

Virgin River Season 3 Confirmed

Virgin River Season 3 Season three of Virgin River will be on Netflix in the immediate future and a new character has been added at the conclusion of the second season.

At the annual fundraiser function, Jamie (played by Carmel Amit) met Mel Monroe first. Some fans thought she may be working undercover to aid the antagonist of the season, Calvin.

Virgin River Season 3: Is it Jamie who works for Calvin?

In season two of the Virgin River, Jamie was introduced, and at first, viewers thought of her as a kind-hearted character. She happily gave the fundraiser some cash and befriended Mel, who was also getting used to the new town as well.

Only showing how she used to travel around a lot, Jamie loved moving through tiny cities. She made a relationship with Preacher and persuaded him to apply to San Francisco for a new chef’s position. Some fans find her presence odd and they thought she needed Preacher to get Jack Sheridan out of the picture.

Virgin River Season 3 Jack and Mel

In the investigation into who had poisoned the food at Jack’s restaurant, she was still eager to meddle. Mel had worked with several people who had encountered the same symptoms and assumed that the food of Preacher was sabotaged at the bar.

As other nearby restaurants may have been able to snatch his clients, Jamie told Preacher he should keep his eye out for competition.

The preacher made the point of suggesting that there was no competition for miles around, so Jamie’s feedback felt a little out of place. Some fans claim that Jamie was searching for details about Jack, and to discover something, she went through Preacher.

About Fans Hopes:

In season three, viewers are expecting to see more of her, so they can find out what her plan is. At the end of season two, Preacher wanted to take the job, but his connections with Paige and her son Christopher seemed to be holding him back.

If he’s going to stay in the Virgin River is unclear, but it’s possible after Jack was shot by an unidentified assassin. Jamie’s plan could have been for nothing if he continues to remain, and audiences are yet to find out if she will return for a second try. In the third season, Calvin is expected to play a greater part, as he might figure out how he was fooled by his newest recruit, Brady.

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