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Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 Goes All-In One Las Vegas! See here

Hell's Kitchen Season 19

Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 Update: Gordon Ramsay is standing in the middle of the Las Vegas set of Hell’s Kitchen, speaking to the 18 contestants of the show, like acrobats, an archer, a plate-spinning clown, and other WOW The Vegas Spectacular cast members to perform all around him. No one is distancing themselves socially.

On Adam Pawlak, the Milwaukee chef who could really use one, there is no face mask to be seen, just as a sanitary precaution to cover the long, scraggly beard that leads Ramsay to call him ZZ Top.

The protocols for COVID-19 are not broken, though, because there is no COVID-19 here. In the spring of 2019, this season of Hell’s Kitchen (8 p.m. Thursday, Fox), the 19th show, was filmed all the way back.

We’ve heard a lot of people say, When’s it coming? When will it come? When will it come? Executive producer Arthur Smith says, chalking up the delay during the pandemic to unprecedented schedule tinkering. I’m so excited that it’s getting on the air at last.

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Hell's Kitchen Season 19

For too long, Season 19 has gathered dust on a wall, it’s made into a wistful pre-COVID Las Vegas reminder. For eg, since March, WOW has been dark at the river.

Filled with restless diners waiting for their meals despite the unavoidable delays, the packed Hell’s Kitchen set looks like something from a faraway memory.

In its Las Vegas atmosphere, this season goes all-in with prizes like the High Roller, a spa day at Voie in Paris Las Vegas, and dinner at his Gordon Ramsay Steak with Ramsay. As revenge, members of the losing team must sweep the fountains in front of Caesars Palace in an early challenge.

The real Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is a Las Vegas celebrity who only gets a small cameo. Clearly, the race will not take place here this year, Ramsay says, early on in the Thursday premiere.

It’s too busy for this restaurant. Instead, Hell’s Kitchen was re-created at Caesars Entertainment Studios, just behind Bally’s, where Season 20 was also filmed. For that season, there’s a special theme, but Smith is not prepared to announce it, given that there have been no signs of when it could air.