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Vikings Season 6 Part 2: Why was Hvitserk baptised?

Vikings Season 6 Part 2
Vikings Season 6 Part 2

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Update: As many of the characters’ plots were wrapped up throughout the game, VIKINGS SEASON 6 PART 2 was full of surprises. The final part of the historic drama was Vikings season six, part two, and viewers were sad to see the popular show come to an end.

Hvitserk’s (played by Marco) storyline took a dramatic turn in the series finale when he was baptised at King Alfred’s request (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo). Was Hvitserk actually baptized? Michael Hirst, the show’s producer, announced something exclusively to Express.

Was Hvitserk baptised for real?

As Hirst had promised an action-packed finale, the second half of the Vikings’ final season featured several twists and turns. The last 10 episodes saw the death of Alexander Ludwig (the mighty Bjorn Ironside) and Alex Hogh Andersen (the relentless Ivar the Boneless). In season six, Hvitserk’s character saw real growth as he came to the realization that he was destined to destroy Ivar.

Vikings Season 6 Part 2

Yet Ivar knew that his death would be at the hands of another when it came down to the final moments of the season. Alfred ended up saving the life of Hvitserk because he had a deeply rooted history with Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons (Travis Fimmel).

Vikings Season 6 Part 2: Truth Behind Series Finale

Instead, he asked Hvitserk to return to his kingdom with Aelswith (Roisin Murphy) and his wife, where he would renounce his Pagan ways. During the baptism, Hvitserk is then seen, receiving the new name Athelstan to show he has completely accepted Christianity.

The series was inspired by historical figures and Hvitserk as Ragnar’s real son, but his ultimate destiny in the series was very different from real life.”Hirst said, “Alfred’s wife warned him that the Vikings would come and make peace and break it. The great fight is fought against a descendant of Ragnar named Guthrum for Alfred as a historical character. He was arrested, and he agreed to be baptised, and his vow was kept.

For a couple of years, he lived with Alfred’s family and it showed that Alfred’s instincts were sound. Not all have the Vikings been evil people. I put Hvitserk in that role, I don’t think he was engaged in a constant war, I always knew he would give peace at the end of the fight and he would mean it.

For him, it’d be a deep thing. After all these years of wandering blindly, he finally found his identity. Before the final season, fans had mixed views of Hvitserk’s character, claiming he still had to demonstrate himself as Ragnar’s real son.