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Vikings season 6: Filming Location & What’s New in upcoming Season?

Vikings Season 6 Part 2

Vikings season 6 of part 2 theories will soon be on Amazon Prime. The main suspect of fans is that, whether Ivar rules over the people of Rus. The main characters are Alex Hogh Andersen(Boneless), Danila Kozlovsky(Prince Oleg), etc. And, so many lead roles are there in Vikings.

Filming of Vikings season 6

Vikings Season 6-

Vikings have a total of 2 seasons. Part 2 of this season takes place in different worlds. Each character shows each storyline. Michael Hirst was the creator of this show. The main character of this sow is Kattegat, this role was played by Travis Fimmel. Some of the casts who were played a role in this season were Danila Kozlovsky and Alex Hogh Anderson were playing a role in this season.

The filming locations, cinematography, and music are evocative. The scripting is on the whole very good and better than many other similar quasi-historical or period dramas of this type. Scene setting including fights and battle scenes are well choreographed, and the extremely fine level of historical detail, which appears to be based on the archaeology of the period and what is known about life in the time of the Vikings, make it all seem truly believable and very ‘authentic’.

Also commendable is how the Scandinavian mythology of gods and heroes, as opposed to the Christian beliefs then prevalent in Anglo-Saxon England, has been interwoven into the plotlines, without it becoming contrived. People became hooked after watching Season 1 and proceeded to watch the next three seasons back to back in the space of a week!.

I have to say, however, after watching as far as the first episode of Season 4 Part 2, I have now decided to stop, for the simple reason that the level of acting of the new younger characters is not as strong as in the earlier seasons.

This, allied to the fact that as a bit of a history ‘geek’ I was very aware as each season progressed, that actual historical events, known historical figures, and especially the chronology of those times, were being skewed more and more by the writer(s), a lot of it unnecessarily, in my opinion, so much so that I no longer feel able to give it much further credence. Stay tuned for more updates.