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All American Season 3: Will Spencer and Olivia finally get together?

All American Season 4

All American Season 3 Update: All American is a popular sports drama along with a romantic angle as a pivotal part of the narrative. In the first season, we get to witness sparks fly between Spencer and Olivia (played by Daniel Ezra and Samantha Logan), which unfortunately for the fans, would not lead to anything as both of them were in separate relationships at the time. However, that didn’t stop fans from cheering them on and shipping them together due to their undeniable chemistry. They were meant to be.

In season 2, both Spencer and Olivia face problems in their respective relationships, one leading to a breakup and the other hanging by a thread. Hence, season 3 of the show is set to feature some more drama, while many fans are also wondering where is Darnell this season.

Season 2 of All American was a wild ride with new characters and plenty of dramatic storylines. One of the newcomers that season was, Darnell Hayes (played by Da’Vinchi), who was brought into the show as a potential rival to spencer, however, their relationship grew far beyond rivalry.

All American Season 3: Update

All American Season 3

Darnell was present to support Spencer after the passing of his father Corey, in the seventh episode of season 2. But, as the second season came towards an end, fans saw less and less of Darnell Hayes, making them unsure about his role in the future. When asked about this in an interview, Da’Vinchi, the actor playing Darnell, had assured that the character will indeed return for the third season.

So far only 1 episode of season 3 has aired and the next one is scheduled for January 25. Season 3 brings more drama into the series and shows the audience the aftermath of a nail-biting season 2.

Fans saw that Spencer’s father Corey dies of cancer, and he decided to quit football and eventually gets shot. Meanwhile, Coach Baker’s daughter Olivia slipped back into her addiction. Ultimately, Spencer made the tough decision of choosing to stay back in Crenshaw over moving to Beverly Hills.

All American Season 3 premiered its first episode on January 18, 2021, on The CW. Though there has been no confirmation yet on the episode count, going by the previous seasons, this season should also include around 16 episodes or so. As for Netflix users, you will have to wait a tad bit longer until all the episodes are out on The CW. Good things are yet to come for this one of a kind sports drama, and now is the time to tune in.