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Netflix’s trailer Space Sweepers seems like a fun robot romp in the stars

Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers Updates: Space Sweepers, feels like the first Korean blockbuster spacefaring version with Netflix of Galaxy Guardians.

Sung-hee Jo’s upcoming movie Space Sweepers may well be worth a look if you are looking for an exciting space to fill the Guardians Against the Galaxy void.

In 2092 the story revolves around the discovery of a little girl after the crew of spaceship junk collectors, who may actually have been deadly weapons in disguise.

From the trailer look — which Netflix dropped on Tuesday — high budget, full action, and a luminous text that does not take itself too seriously expect high budget special It begins with “Earth 2092,” which has been posted on the Netflix YouTube page. Voiceover claims that Earth is no longer habitable.

Space Sweepers Trailer and Much more

Space Sweepers

Citizens, therefore, flee into space, including four malfunctioning safeguards on The Victory who collect space debris. This little crew “might save the world,” for example Tae Ho, Captain Jang of Rogue One: A Star Wars story (Captain Kim Tae-Ri), Tiger Park and robot (Yoo Hae-jin) and they get more than they negotiated on a routine space trip as they stumble across a teenage Android girl who soon considers him to be a Full with spaceships, robots and sublime special effects, it is not shocking that Space Sweepers are compared with Galaxy Guardians and Star Wars saga.

It is also quick to believe that it produces a franchise that centers on the Victory spacecraft. In view of the good exports from past Korea such as The Handmaid, Space Sweepers can become the most recent film to come out of the country since it has become more popular.

In comparison, the film The Handmaiden, which is the psychological thriller of Park Chan-wook, is also a hit. The movie is out on 5 February on Netflix.

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