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Virgin River Season 3 Theories: Did Brady shoot Jack?

Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River Season 3 Update: When Jack Sheridan, when he was shot to death in the final moments, Virgin River Season two ended dramatically. All of their fans were shocked when the series came to an end prior to it could be informed that who was behind the attack. Though many of the audiences have an assumption on who is the culprit.

Jack Head back to his bar to make Mel Monroe ( Alexandra Breckenridge) some food, at the end of Season 2.

When Jack thinks is mel, viewers watch him over the phone when someone enters through the front door. Although the next audiences see the character, he is lying in blood with his blood on the floor.

Virgin River Season 3: Update

After been shot by a mystery assailant in the final moment of the episode, Mel finds him like this. As for now, the series has confirmed that there will be season 3, the audience will wonder about the hands behind the dramatic shooting.

Virgin River Season 3

Jack’s former colleague and war comrade Brady ( Ben Hollingsworth) is one of the suspects whom fans might consider responsible

Brady is going more off the rails than ever before throughout the second season and has quit Jack’s bar and falling in with local drug dealer Calvin (David Cubitt). And also, the moment before Jack is shot, Mike calls him and says him that Brady is going to be arrested because of his digging.

He is also having the key to the bar and knows his way around which means there will be no problem for him to sneak in. Many fans said that this is going to be the twist in the third outing of the show.

My guess is Brady used the spare key and after Jack’s arrival, they got in like a fistfight or something which knocked over the stuff.

After that, Jack got the gun chickened out, and Brady in order to steal the gun and shoot Jack, proceeded.
Brady just started to trust Jack and helped him to find out he is being put in jail because of him.

Fan Dovelash said that he doesn’t know about Brady intentionally shooting Jack but he went there to get a gun or something? And Jack didn’t let him take it.

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