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WandaVision: Infinity War Gag Makes Vision’s Death Even More Heartbreaking


WandaVision Updates: When Wanda Vision was on the surface, to comedy-led homage to American Sitcom there was something that was hidden under the surface.

And that Darkness is very much connected to Scarlet Witch’s entire traumatic MCU are, but the most affecting movement was at the end of the events of Avengers. Infinity war where the vision was that died Twice.

There was not undisguised repeat telecast of what led such unusual circumstances to Wandavision -which is the main point there was a tie in the very first episode aggressively remember indirectly vision dead, and that was very heartbreaking disclosure.

Wandavision seems like a collection of Ghost of sitcom past which shows when done vision’s perfect life together in such a way that it makes sense to what Scarlet Witch sees Ideal happiness.

While the exact declaration of the show remains safe for now, At the end of the second episode it was confirmed that the unnatural world of Westview is very much connected to her power.

She was so able that she can change the reality, entirely or consciously to change the bad ending too happy and to even to hide the reality that. After War Vision is dead and that was the latest step on Wamda’s deep sad personal story.

WandaVision: Wanda and vision sharing the domestic joy

The joke had come earlier when Wanda and vision share their domestic joy to display their powers behind a closed door and Accidentally Wanda break some crockery off Vizz’s head, “My wife and her flying saucers “he jokes. “My husband and Unbreakable head” Wanda Replies, Happily.


But there is something more beside the joke, there is a fine call-back to the fact the Vision’s head was in reality far from Unbreakable where both Wanda herself along with the Thomas killed him.

And the worst thing that happened that time is that Wanda made a joke about it and then moves past damage without so much as a flare. Because that the only thing she was asked to do whole her life. Wanda’s does is muzzle her emotional defeat of everything she was passed by and how she was led to this point.

Aside from the time when she and her brother Pietro used their passion to participate in HYDRA experiments to get revenge on Tony Stark, Wanda was continuously asked to hide her emotions and also the true limit of her power. This is because her power becomes more vocalize when she became emotional and went through pain, anger, grief.

And Avengers know about it. They knew her explosive behavior, keeping her way in the wake of the Civil War disaster in Africa. Her role was Limited as secondary Avenger and she was treated with kids’ gloves and as far as her emotions become useful in the most of endgame.

All over her injury was shifted to the side, as she was in the company of people who themselves have difficulty fast.

But her idea of defeating her trauma to an extent that the polar opposite of her real experience becomes clear that is what this strange sitcoms world in Wandavision feels like -and Her recommendation to her soul mate death is very much disturbing to her.

The Trauma rumor was still alive but it is now distorted and goat shaped by the crackdown and that is currently used to give shape reality around Wanda and vision and only that stability can last so long.

And apprehensively just as Wanda And vision told it’s true secret and Scarlet witch inspired to accept her trauma again and the emotional response will be incredibly seen.