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Batwoman Season 2: Why Only Bruce Wayne Figured Out Hush’s Secret

Batwoman Season 2

Batwoman Season 2 Updates: Hush’s premiere in the second season of Bat woman’s attempted to embody Bruce Wayne. One member of the team saw his mask for him sadly.

The 2 premieres of the Batwoman season saw Tommy Elliot (albeit villain Hus) pretending to become a Bruce Wayne, even while he deceived several of Batman’s allies and family into believing his impersonation, a man wasn’t fooled—Julia Pennyworth.

The final of Season One of the Batwoman finished with Alice using their expertise in the manufacture of flesh masks and reconstruction operations to send Tommy Elliot, her cousin’s face, Bruce Wayne.

This was a dream come true for Elliot who was fascinated with his best friend in his youth and showed himself to be stronger than he, long before he discovered that Bruce was a Batman and was responsible for stopping his inherent killing of his parents.

Batwoman Season 2: What happened to Kate Kane?

Batwoman Season 2

In return, Alice predicted that Hush will penetrate the Wayne Tower and secure the last Kryptonite on Earth. As ‘To Kate Kane What happened?’ began, Hush did his job well at its end despite the mysterious loss of Kate Kane and his presumption that he was dead following an aviation accident in Gotham City.

As a frenetic Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton wondered how89 they could locate Kate, Hush could easily invade “his” office and evade their questions about Bruce Wayne’s backdrop for the last few years, saying that once Kate was safe and sound, he could tell them the whole story.

Hush might even trick Luke into opening the door for him to the Bat Cave, pretending that Luke has long been the “man of the castle” to lead. Hush was also able to tackle Jacob Kane, normally astute, playing the intoxicated character of Bruce’s playboy, by tipping “Uncle Jake” out that Alice was using Wayne Manor for a hideout and telling him to take care to split his furniture with her.

If he hadn’t bumped into Julia Pennyworth on the way out of Jacob Kane’s office, Hush might have carried off his plan to double-cross Alice and lay claim to the Wayne fortune undetected.

Recognizing Julia as he tortured her, Hush tried to bluff his way through the conversation and convinced Luke Fox to translate the paper of his father. To make matters worse, when Julia referred to an Eagle still living in Glasgow, in a cottage in the woods, Hush did not blink.

Later, when reporting what she had truly discovered to Luke and Mary, she revealed that her father was currently living in a London flat.

The final clue was that when he hugged her, she smelled booze on Hush’s breath, as the real Bruce Wayne did not drink. All this inspired Julia to run the fingerprints she found in Jacob Kane’s office from which Hush had drunk on the glass, confirming that rather than Bruce Wayne, he was Tommy Elliot.

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